How to get effortless luscious legs this summer!

Jessica Dobbs | 19th June 2017

With summer finally here, it’s time to say a ‘grand’ goodbye to those pale prickly legs you’ve been hiding under the covers for all those cold wintry months and say hello to some of VIVA’s recommended products that we have researched for you, because well…who doesn’t want effortless summer legs that’ll leave you feeling like a refined woman again?

First up on our list is the world’s first women’s razor membership service ‘Friction Free Shaving’, that truly is effort free.  For as little as £3 a month, you can have a shaving kit delivered right to your front door that’ll last you 4 weeks.  With a clean shaver to change each week, ensures your blades are bacteria free which will help to reduce conditions such as; epidermal abrasion, ingrown hairs and irritation after shaving.

Second is the ‘Ingrown Go’.  Banish ingrown hairs for good with this salon style, fast and effective product that also removes razor bumps and burns.  Not only can it be used on legs, but also the bikini line, face and underarms too!  The serum helps to draw out the ingrown hairs in as little as 24 hours. -£12.20

Third, the ‘Hair No More Inhibitor Spray’ that contains a hair removal cream and inhibitor spray.  For smooth luscious feel, start with the Hair Removal Cream that dissolves the proteins of the keratin in the hair, then use the Inhibitor spray 2-4 times a week to keep skin soft and velvety smooth for longer.  This product is specifically formulated with actives and is renowned for slowing hair growth. -£9.99

Fourth, the ‘Sculpting Cellulite Treatment’ which helps to fight cellulite and improve skin circulation.  The treatment works to break down fatty deposits under the skin by massaging the product onto your body.  By combining both the self-massage and the tight activating gel, it will leave your skin smoother, tighter, firmer and more toned. -£14.99

Fifth, the platinum award-winning natural Tanning Cream from Handmade Naturals.  Apply evenly on your body and you will have a natural looking tan that will develop over the course of 6-12 hours. With the cream also including ingredients such as Vitamin E and DHA, it will ensure your skin is feeling flawless with a natural looking glow. Oh, and even better…it’s based in the heart of Cheshire! -£12.00

Sixth, the ‘Norvell Show Stopper’ gradual fake tan.  If you’re looking for a little bit more of a medium to dark looking tan, then this one’s for you!  This tan will help to illuminate, moisturise, brighten, firm and balance the tone and enhance your skin colour.  It has added benefits too; being able to reduce redness, blend dark spots and tighten your skin.  This product will want you to flaunt your legs even on the rainiest of days! -£24.99

Seventh, the ‘Parissa Wax Strips’, perfect for when you’re pushed for time.  Simply warm them between the palms of your hand, smooth over onto fuzz and swiftly zip off for instant glossy legs.  Can also be used on the body and are available on Amazon too! -£12.99

Eighth, the ‘Parissa Hot Wax’, if you’re looking for a little less ouch then you should certainly go for this product.  The wax is simple to use and a gentle treatment that has a no-stick formula so it peels right off.  The hot wax shrink-wraps around individual hairs but doesn’t stick to skin, allowing you to lift your fuzz but not your fragile skin.  This product can be used on extra delicate zones too like your face, underarm, bikini and for Brazilian waxing. -£9.79

Ninth, the ‘Cooling Body Bliss Lotion’, which helps to soothe, cool and reduce swelling in feet and legs.  This textured gel is packed with antioxidants that help to cool overheated skin and “hot flushes”.  It has even attracted its own cult of celebrities including, Hilaria Baldwin, Angelina Jolie, Heidi  Klum, Doutzen Krose, Melissa George and Alyssa Milano.  This lotion can also be applied to other aching body parts such as shoulders, neck and back.  Perfect to keep those legs of yours staying luxurious even on the most sweltering of days. -£20.00

Finally, the tenth on this hot list is the product that we all need over this hot and sweaty summer, the ‘Excilor 3-in1 protector spray’.  This spray will help you to protect your tootsies from any infections associated with hot weather, such as verrucas, warts, athlete’s foot and nail fungus…I know gross right, but better safe than sorry!  With the added protection against odour, it’s the product we will all be jumping to our feet to get our hands on! (no pun intended!). -£9.99