10 Foodstagram Hotspots On The Planet According To Instagrammers Hemsley & Hemsley

SAM | 17th October 2017

#food, #foodie, #foodstagram, #foodporn, #nomnomnom… half a billion pictures of food have been uploaded to Instagram with these popular hashtags, demonstrating that food is still hugely popular on social media, and now it’s fuelling a huge trend for Instagram food tourism, as revealed in a new food report commissioned by Heathrow.


The survey of 2,000 UK travellers reveals the extent of our Instagram obsession, with one in seven UK travellers choosing a holiday destination based purely on its Instagrammable cuisine and forget review sites, now one in five people (18%) are only researching and choosing restaurants if their food offering looks appetising on social media.


The research, which features as part of the airport’s new Taste The World report, goes on to reveal that over a quarter (28%) of people say they post pictures of what they’re eating when on their holidays and the same amount say they enjoy their holiday more by doing so, clocking up the likes as they go.


Furthermore, 18% of Brits said that they have acquired more social media followers, likes and comments through their #instafood images, with #foodporn and #instafood the most widely used hashtags in food posts.


Whilst many have a keen eye and confidence in taking beautiful food imagery, one in five said that they have decided not to post a photo on Instagram as their photography skills weren’t up to scratch, with a third (32%) saying they would love advice on how to perfect their Instagram food photography.


Heathrow’s Taste the World guide features foodie spotlights on 10 of the most Instagrammed food destinations on the planet – including Paris, New York, LA, Toronto, Rome and Madrid as well as what to hash tag and eat when they are there to equip travellers with all they need for the perfect gastronomic getaway. 


Famous Instagrammers and bloggers Hemsley and Hemsley [Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley], both of which contributed to the guide, explains: “We know that now, more than ever before, people will eat with their eyes first, predominantly using their phones to search for and choose dishes and destinations that look the best on a plate. 


“We love sharing our culinary adventures and over the years have picked up a few techniques for taking great food snaps. We’re excited to be sharing these tips and tricks with Heathrow passengers travelling to exciting destinations, so they too can embrace the food-photo-sharing phenomenon and start capturing creative, vibrant and appetising images themselves that will be a hit on Instagram.”


Restaurants across Heathrow including The Perfectionists’ Café, The Gorgeous Kitchen and Gordon Ramsey Plane Food are also getting in on the Instagram act, serving up delicious dishes that are highly Instagrammable and inspired by the 10 foodstagram hotspots from the #TastetheWorld guide. 

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