Nibble: The New Northern Quarter Cafe

Paige Tucker | 10th September 2017

There is a great new cafe open in the Northern Quarter and you have to go! Aptly called Nibble, this quaint little cafe is tucked away into a corner on Oldham street offering passers by all day breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, and cakes.

I went along for a bite to eat and to check out the brand new interior. Before Nibble, the cafe was running under a different name but Lauren Irlam the owner decided to change it up a bit and give the place a new lease of life.

The interior design in Nibble is amazing! They have loads of plants which give a tropical vibe and there are lots of bright colours to make you feel happy, cosy and excited to eat.

I ended up eating a breakfast dish as they have a whole breakfast menu that is available to order throughout the day, so if you aren’t a morning person or you fancy a good fry up then this place will cater to your needs.

The veggie breakfast, which I ordered, comes with two vegetarian sausages, scrambled eggs, beans, halloumi cheese, tomato, mushrooms, and toast. This was super delicious and really filling. I’m not a vegetarian but thought I would try out the sausages and they tasted scrumptious, I would definitely recommend trying them if you haven’t had them before!

My partner got the same breakfast meal but the meat version, containing sausage and some bacon as well. Whilst the meat in this dish did lack slightly, it was still really tasty and we quickly wolfed them down.

Alongside the meals we each had an iced latte which was sweetened to perfection and gave a great little kick, stopping the impending food coma.

The dessert was the best bit as it was brownies…two types even! I went for the avocado brownie which is mixed with coconut powder and it was everything you want out of a brownie. It was chocolatey, soft and dense and I absolutely loved it! So much so that I ended up taking the half I didn’t eat home with me for later.

My partner went for the Cherry brownie. This one is most similar to your average brownie in terms of texture, looks and taste. However, there is a subtle hint of cherry that comes through and gives the brownie a refreshing taste.

Overall, Nibble is a great place to grab a bite, socialise with friends or even somewhere to go for breakfast before work. All their food is looks and sounds amazing and the all day breakfast menu is super comforting.

To find out more about what they offer head over the Nibble website.