5 beauty sleep hacks from a sleep expert

Web Team | 23rd May 2019

Beauty sleep hacks:  Dark circles around the eyes, blocked pores and a bad mood? Sounds like you’re in need of some serious beauty sleep to help improve skincare.  Of course, this can often be easier said than done for those that suffer with an irregular sleeping pattern or disturbed sleep.


Joy Richards, sleep expert at Happy Beds, provided five simple hacks that you can follow to ensure that you’re back on top of your beauty-sleep game:


  1. Tie Your Hair Up


Not many people know this but sleeping with a loose ponytail or a plait during the night can work wonders for both your hair and skin.


“Keeping your hair out of your face while you toss and turn will stop any of the oils from your hair going directly on your face at night. You don’t want a ponytail that is too tight, however. A nice, loose one will help keep the volume in your hair.”


  1. A Clutter-Free Bedroom


Stress can really disrupt a good night’s sleep, which is of course essential to wearing a gleaming smile the next day. A disrupted sleep can affect both the way you look and the way you feel.


“Having a messy bedroom will contribute to the overall feeling of anxiety and stress, which of course will not relax you. Your bedroom should be clutter and mess free to help contribute towards a great sleep, which will of course help with those dark circles around your eyes, and your overall mood the next day. Nothing shouts, ‘great sleep’ better than a good mood!”


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  1. Wash Your Pillowcases


If you’re one of those people that changes their bed sheets once every couple of weeks, rather than once a week, then ensure that at minimum, you change your pillow cases once ever seven days. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes from your day!


“You don’t want to rest your skin on pillow cases that have been soaking in your oils and your sweat for a long period of time – this will make your skin worse. On days that you haven’t changed your pillow cases, flip them over to the other side, but ideally, you should be changing them twice a week.”


  1. Stay Hydrated During the Night


You can’t gulp litres of water during the night, obviously, but to ensure that you stay hydrated during the night, drink a pint of water an hour before your bedtime. Make sure that you don’t exceed a pint though, or you’ll be running back and forth to the toilet using the bathroom at night.


“As we know, water can do wonders for skin; it can help clear away some spots and make your skin appear brighter. Drinking water an hour or two before bedtime will help your skin stay hydrated during the night. However, if you need an extra boost of hydration, then try investing in a humidifier. This is even more helpful in winter, as your skin tends to dry out during the night.”


  1. Make Sure You Take Your Make-Up Off


This one goes without saying, but it is really important that you free your skin of any foundation or concealer before bedtime. Keep your wet-wipes and cleanser next to your bed so that, no matter how tipsy you are, you always remember to do this.


“Leaving your make-up on at night is a bad decision – your pores will get clogged; your eyes will get irritated and your pillows will be covered in foundation. If you rely on make-up wipes for removing your make-up, then invest in a good cleanser or something similar to use once or twice a week, to ensure that all of the stubborn bits of make-up have been removed.”


For more of Joy’s tips and advice, check out the Happy Beds’ blog, where she comments on everything that we should be doing to improve our sleep, and everything that we should be avoiding.