The 5 best ways to throw an amazing pop-up party!

Paige Tucker | 25th January 2018


Whether you love throwing pop-up parties for your friends, family or clients, sometimes the planning aspect can be a little tricky. Battling against things, such as weather, venue size and the decorations can often send you crazy, especially when you don’t have much time to prior plan! However, we think we have narrowed down the top 5 ways for you to throw the best pop up party ever!

Number 1: 

Use every inch of your space wisely.

Even if you are hosting your pop-up party in your own house, you can still ensure there is plenty of space for your guests. One way to do this is to give the illusion of space. This means making sure you have lots of light coming in, carefully placed mirrors and no clutter. This can be really difficult to do, as decorations can sometimes end up taking over, leaving your room feeling claustrophobic. In this scenario, less is more. Keep your decorations to a minimum and make sure to move any unnecessary furniture out of the way. This will leave you with a much bigger space to entertain in.

Number 2: 


Prepare for all weathers.

Whilst the weather can sometimes put you off using your garden, there are many ways to get around this issue. Buying something like a garden camping pop-up gazebo is a great way to allow you to use your whole garden, whilst protecting your guests from any un-invited rain falls. You can dress these up however you would like, transforming your garden from a wet mess to a blissful outside dining area. You can also get pop-up BBQ gazebos which is a great idea if you are hosting a BBQ in summer. As we all know, rain is never far away in England but with a gazebo, you can save your BBQ party from being a flop!

Number 3: 

set the mood.

It is important to set the mood of your party straight away. To do this select your playlist for the night, whether it is classical or country, this will instantly get your guests in the mood. Alongside your music, set a colour theme or choose some themed decorations. This will help wow your guests and they will be talking about it for months after. Another great way to set the mood is to use candles. You can either buy electric candles that alter colour, or some tea lights for cheap. This will give your party much more of a classy feel.


Number 4:

Make your guests feel welcome.

A party is all about welcoming people into your house, so make sure you don’t forget to do this. Sometimes, when caught up in the moment, we can forget to give a warm welcome to each and every guest. Making sure you remember to do this will help your guests quickly feel at ease and enjoy the party more. Another great way to get your guests comfortable is to introduce them to others. Try to match up your guests will like-minded people, to ensure everyone is happy and entertained. By doing this it will give you some time to focus on food and drinks.


Number 5:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you are doing food then it is a wise idea to either get guests to bring along some of their favourite dishes to share or hire caterers. Alternatively, if you would rather not cook a whole meal, try serving some simple-to-make canapes. Cheese wrapped in Proscuitto, mini pancakes topped with smoked salmon and soft cheese & pate on toast are some really easy canapes to make. They also look professional and taste delicious. If you end up slaving away in the kitchen all day then how about asking a friend to help you out? That is what friends are for.