Six easy ways to get the vintage look in your home

Jessica Dobbs | 18th March 2018


Whether you love the rustic look or you have a passion for recycling old appliances, a vintage style can bring a welcoming charm and character to your home. If your house is recently new, then not to worry, as there are some easy ways to give your home the vintage style without having to own a vintage house.

1. Choose industrial lighting

Placing Industrial Light Fittings around your home is an easy and simple idea that can give a real vintage charm with minimal effort.  Electrified gas lanterns, rusty lamp shades, cage lighting, and lettered lighting,  are all great variations of lightings to fit in your home. Pair it up with a dim light bulb and you’ve got yourself a vintage ambience!


2. Select gentle shades

Choose a down-to-earth theme with deep shades of brown, gold, blue and red to give a rough and robust atmosphere. Also, why not paint the some of your furniture with white paint and sandpaper it off  to create a rustic worn look. It may seem subtle, but the small change will add much more of a vintage style rather than having block colours and modern styled furniture.

3. Wooden floors and walls

Choose a feature wall and place some worn wood panels across the wall to bring texture into the room.  This will also create a nostalgic feel and will complement the earthy tones. If you aren’t a fan of wooden walls, why not go for wooden floors? You can either go all out and buy oak flooring or get some look-a-like laminate just to bring in that earthy feel. For an added feature, apply fairy lights to help draw your attention to the wall, these are also perfect for setting a relaxing ambience when you want to snuggle up on your sofa and watch a film.

4. Show off your vintage items

Create a shelf for your vintage items, if you don’t have any then a charity shop is the best place to look for some great vintage objects.  Stick the shelf on the most unused or awkward storage place and showcase some of your best things, such as tins, jars, books, signs, or pictures to get a simple but effective vintage look. Be careful not to place too many items though, as you don’t want it to look like clutter. This handy trick is best for smaller rooms where space is limited and will match in with the vintage style.

5. Mismatch

If you can’t decide on a particular set of chairs or furniture, then mismatching them is a perfect way to amplify the vintage look.  Make sure to choose either wooden or rustic metal to give a soft tone to the room and balance with the other vintage materials that you’ve chosen.

6. Patterned wallpaper

Getting the wallpaper right is essential as it will catch the visitor’s eye the most. If you want to make a statement, then a floral-patterned wallpaper is a great vintage theme to add to your décor, match it with some pastel colours and you’ll have an elegant space that’ll create a cosy atmosphere.