7 Blue Planet Inspired Travel Experiences

SAM | 26th October 2017

Blue Planet Travel Experiences: With the release of the highly anticipated Blue Planet II on Sunday, here’s a round-up of destinations around the world where you can discover the incredible creatures filmed in the series.


From the leaping Mobula Manta Rays in Mexico, to following the path from Alaska to Hawaii in search of Humpback whales, take a journey to explore the depths of the waters and uncover some extraordinary marine life.


Swim with dolphins in New Zealand


The first episode of the series, ‘One Ocean’, takes viewers on a journey from the heart of the tropics to the frozen poles exploring sea life.


In New Zealand’s temperate waters, the False Killer Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins appear to communicate with one another on a mass hunting party, a real highlight of the episode. Take a trip to New Zealand in search of this rare interaction.


Prices for a 14-day Britz Campervan Self Drive holiday in New Zealand start at around £1,299 per person and includes flights from London Gatwick with Emirates. Price also includes a dolphin encounter in Kaikoura. Based on selected dates in May 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.


7 Blue Planet Inspired Travel Experiences


Discover the marine life of the Great Barrier Reef


As the world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is a fantastic place to observe a diversity of marine life. In the first episode, we see for the first time a Turkfish getting ahead in the ferociously competitive environment but using coral to break open the clams to get inside.


Avid diving fans can visit the subtropical waters to find this clever fish along with plenty more wonderful creatures including the Oceanic Whitetip Shark, Grouper Fish and Octopus which are all seen throughout the series. Do your bit for the environment too and drop into Reef HQ, home to the Australian Government’s national research and education programme and the largest living coral reef aquarium in the world. While there, make a donation or become a member and/or volunteer.


A trip to Australia, staying four nights in Sydney and five nights in the Great Barrier Reef starts from £1,659 per person and includes flights with Emirates, accommodation, car hire and an Outer Barrier Reef cruise. Based on selected dates in March 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.


Watch the amazing flying Mantas in Mexico


The Sea of Cortez separates the peninsula from mainland Mexico and every year, hundreds of Mobula Manta Rays congregate here to put on one of the most spectacular wildlife performances on earth and captured during the series.


During the day these creatures can be found jumping through the air in order to communicate with other Rays and at the night time they create an enchanting display as tiny organisms light up when disturbed by the Rays wingbeats. Take to the waters and hear the incredible popping sound resonate across the southern beaches.


Seven nights in Mexico, staying at the 4* El Ameyal Hotel and Wellness Center, Cabo San Lucas. Prices start at around £999 per person and includes flights with Virgin Atlantic. Based on selected dates in January and February 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.


Spot one of the largest Wrasse species in Japan


Asian Sheepshead Wrasse are one of the largest of the Wrasse family and are native to the western Pacific Ocean, inhabiting the rocky reef areas. Amongst many scientific discoveries in this series, the crew films a female Asian Sheepshead Wrasse switching gender.


This transforming ability is believed to allow the female fish to pass on more genes as a male. This interesting looking fish can be found whilst snorkelling or diving in Japan.


Seven nights in Tokyo, staying at the 4*+ Hyatt Regency Tokyo start from £1,399 per person and includes flights with Qatar Airlines. Based on selected dates in January 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.


Mauritius, a birder’s paradise


Twitchers can visit the south west coast of Mauritius to spot local species including the Sotty Tern and Common Noddy. These seabirds are incredibly valuable in maintaining healthy ecosystems, especially on islands as they help to improve soil quality and also indicate fish availability. In this series we see over 500,000 Terns which gather on the atoll every year.


Seven nights in Mauritius, staying at the 5* Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort starts at £1,169 per person and includes flights with Emirates. Based on selected dates in May and June 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.



7 Blue Planet Inspired Travel Experiences


See Humpbacks during Whale season in Hawaii


Mating season for Humpback Whales last for up to five months where the creatures swim down from Alaska to the warmer climes of Hawaii. The waters surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands are a favourite for the Humpback and can be spotted across all of the Hawaiian Islands with the best viewing spots in the world between Maui, Lanai and Molokai.


Visit during the peak season from December to March to see the largest concentration of Humpbacks and get a front row view of their dramatic aquatic performance as they leap in and out of the water.


Seven nights in Hawaii, staying at the 3* Courtyard by Marriott Waikkiki Beach starts at around £1,399 per person including flights with United Airlines. Based on selected dates in March 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.



Spot the mighty giant Trevally in the Seychelles


Found swimming in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the film crew venture out to the Seychelles to spot the Giant Trevally, a 40kg bulldog-like fish, jumping out of the ocean to catch sea birds mid-air, a sight that had never been recorded until now. Sail the waters of the Indian Ocean to catch a glimpse of the creatures that can be seen swimming close to the beach.


Seven nights in Seychelles, staying at the 4* star Coco De Mer & Black Parrott Suites on a bed and breakfast basis start at £1,499 per person and includes flights. Based on selected dates in March 2018. Book by 30 November 2017.



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