A Cocoon Of Tranquility And Indulgence In Central Manchester

Andreea Bondor | 2nd September 2015


The Spa at The Midland opened in July, following the Channel 5 TV series Inside Manchester’s Midland Hotel. VIVA took the opportunity to sample exactly what it had to offer and a chance to have some girls only time out!

The stunning entrance to The Midland is one of grandeur and decadence and leads you into the warm, tranquil cocoon that is The Spa at The Midland. The aroma of essentials oils as you walk into the spa’s reception area, alongside the mood lighting gives you a sense of relaxation immediately. We were welcomed by the receptionist who took us through how our day would run and gave us the paperwork to fill in and the choice of 4 types of music to listen to and choose, so our treatments would also be accompanied by our own choice of music!

We were given a tour of the spa with its relaxation pool, sauna, salt-infused aromatherapy steam bath, lifestyle shower and swan neck fountain. With half an hour before our treatments we were provided with gowns and slippers and made use of these facilities. I had booked the Deep Tissue Massage and Katy, my friend being very heavily pregnant had opted for the Bump Beautiful relaxation massage. Being heavily pregnant it was just what she needed! We were greeted by our therapists and taken to our treatment rooms, with our individual chosen music playing we were both talked through our treatments.

Spa_20202Katy was asked about any specific tension areas which she wanted her to focus on and her therapist ensured that she was comfortable and even supplied her with a pregnancy pillow to support her back. Starting with a gentle back exfoliation with the ESPA Exfoliating Shower Wash, followed by a light, all over back massage, using ESPA Smooth and Firm body butter and Nourishing body oil, specifically designed for mums to be the therapist then continued onto each leg, feet, arms, hands and finally the bump. A scalp massage is also optional. It was a fantastic relief for the pressure on her body of carrying around her third child and was finished with a list of products and a refreshing glass of cucumber infused water.

My massage was much more intense with it being a deep tissue massage; I was warned this was not one of the most relaxing ones but knowing I had tension that had built up in my upper back I was happy to grin and bear it for the after effects. The therapist asked me to choose the oil which appealed to me the most after asking me to breathe in the aromas and then started by placing the oil under the bed, where I was face down and asking to take deep breaths before the massage began. With firm strokes and using the oil I had chosen the experience was exactly what i was needed! The knots and tension in my back were ironed out and the tension in my legs (which came as a surprise) sometimes caused a grimace but the end result was worth it! It finished with the cucumber infused water and a list of products. We both were then escorted to the most tranquil, sumptuous relaxation area I have ever experienced!


Three sleep chambers, four hanging cocoons that can fit one of two people we thought it was safer for us to have one each with Katy being pregnant! Two mini relax zones which can be closed off, perfect for a girly spa afternoon it really needs to be experienced to appreciate it!

So, after hanging around in the hanging cocoons for half an hour we went out to the reception area where afternoon tea was served to us with a choice of teas and the traditional afternoon tea with the controversial Vimto jellies! It was absolutely delicious and we managed to devour it entirely whilst putting the world to rights! On leaving we were relaxed and pampered, with a warm content feeling that the ambience and style of The Midland, along with the quality of the food, treatments and the sanctuary of The Spa at The Midland created. If only we could go every week!

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