A party in the woods for Gottwood’s 10th Anniversary

Sophie Parkin | 3rd July 2019


If you haven’t been to Gottwood  festival in the past 10 exhilarating years, you’ve made a huge mistake.

It’s the ultimate party in the woods, the most beautiful location in Wales and is the perfect way to get your summer started. With it nearly feeling like a distant past of 3 weeks ago, we thought we would give you a recap of our top 5 moments in that special weekend.

One thing about Gottwood is its family authenticity, it stays humble, regardless of how successful it is. From annual returns to new kids on the block, there’s always that ‘Togetherness’ at Gottwood.



This year felt like something special. As always, Gottwood was filled with good vibes, great people, beautiful settings and some of the best artists around.

Every stage is one of its own speciality. From the euphoric open aired stage Trigon and to one of my personal favourites every year, Ricky’s Disco there’s a vibe for everyone.

The weekend started with rain, a glum climate that would never dampen the moods of these festival-goers. We headed there on the Friday, tent up, can in hand and raring to go.



With too many sets to be able to choose from, we’ve decided to list VIVA’s top 5 moments from the weekend.


  1. Sonja Moonear – Moonear took to the Walled Garden for one of the busiest crowds I’d seen all weekend. The Walled Garden welcomed some of the most highly anticipated acts that were set to play at Gottwood. Sunday was easily one of our favourites for music this weekend. Sonja played a mix of grooves theory, techno classicals and garage bases. A perfect mix of sounds in an amazing stage and setting.
  2. Seth Troxler – Sunday afternoon, Seth emerged high in the treehouse.  The sun was shining and everyone there was in immense spirits. The busiest I’d seen the treehouse all weekend, the crowd was absolutely moved by his set. From disco diva’s vocals, mixed with the base of techno beats that really made you want to boogie. Seth played easily one of the best sets I’ve seen him do yet.
  3. The Barn – Sunday Night – Withered, knees hurting but it was the last night and we had to continue. To end an amazing weekend we headed into the Barn, a warm enclosure with unbelievable lighting. The set felt like the weekend was never going to end.
  4. The Walled Garden stage watching Craig Richards and Nicolas Lutz – Yet again, the Walled Garden impressed by afar. Craig Richards and Nicolas Lutz. Sounds of ravey electro, techno and house sound mixed pulled the crowd in so many exciting directions.
  5. Crazy P &  The amazing firework show ending – As ever, a much loved Crazy P returned to Gottwood. The set started off fairly chilled, with the crowd wondering was it going to pick up. Of course in true style it did. The set ended with an immense display of fireworks over the wonderful setting off the lake and woods, a wonderful ending to the most beautiful weekend.


The 10 year celebration was a truly stunning affair, with fast rising stars, as well as the most respected selectors and live acts from around the world. Gottwood is just a thing of natural beauty.

In normal Gottwood tradition the sun finally came out and the crowd gathered on the lawn, by the lakeside.




Photography by Daisy Denham, Jake Davis, Perry Gibson and Rob Jones for Khroma Collective