Aesop: The Must-have Summer Skincare

Tereza Pevna | 8th July 2015


With summer being in a full swing (although it certainly doesn’t look like it), we are looking for skincare products, which will keep our skin hydrated and healthy looking, even in this ever changing weather. We all know how high humidity and temperature can mess with our skin, that’s why it’s essential to use lighter hydration during the day and richer hydration during the night.

No matter whether you have normal, dry, oily skin or a combination, Australian brand Aesop has got you covered. The brand was established in 1987 in Melbourne and ever since then, it has been taken a seasonal approach to skin care.

During the summer it’s advised to be using lighter hydration, such as blending cream and hydrating serum, during the day since higher temperatures and humidity can lead to to increased sebum production, while on the other hand richer hydration is recommended to be used during the night.

We had an opportunity to check out Aesop’s summer range for ourselves. Although we liked all the products we were introduced to, the two below deserve a special mentioning:

Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol

immediate_moisture_facial_hydrosol-new_pkg copy

Available from Aesop, £17

This is an aromatic mist hydrator, which will refresh tired and dehydrated skin. The blend includes Rose Otto to hydrate the skin and Moroccan Chamomile to soothe.

It’s suitable for any skin type and will be welcomed by people working at the desk, frequent travellers or anyone who thinks their skin deserves a refreshing treat.

Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque


?Available from Aesop from October 2015, £33

This lightweight emollient gel is an intensely hydrating treatment to leave the skin feeling refreshed, soft and replenished. It’s ideal for normal to dry skin types or to those exposed to dry, humid or polluted environments.

The product includes Blue Chamomile to balance and purify the skin, blend of Bisabolol and Ginger Root to calm and soothe and essential oils of Rosemary Leaf and Lavender.

For more information and products visit Aesop counter at Selfridges Exchange or their website