Belstaff 2020 Spring/Summer collection at LFWM

Web Team | 20th June 2019

A famed fashion brand is going from strength to strength in recent times and making waves both in stores and at Fashion Week alike. It’s Belstaff, the ultimate outfitters in crafting clothes “made for those who love to travel and explore”, and they’ve been hard at work mastering their craft since 1924.


Achievements and reputation


Belstaff make only the best quality outfits, with the British brand icon’s stores thriving in London, Bicester Village and Manchester, among other places. Interestingly, their Manchester store is among the most stunning of them all; boasting intricate architecture right in the heart of the city centre. It’s incredibly popular with a proven track record, with customers even collecting their online orders for that much-craved one-to-one customer service. People can’t stay away, even when the world wide web can do it all for them.


London Fashion Week Men’s


Still, there’s something else taking Belstaff to new heights today other than their instore triumphs – their 2020 Spring/Summer collection at London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM) is also creating a buzz. It ran from the 8th June to the 11th and was received extremely positively by all in attendance. Their showcase, “Travelogue”, was described by The Telegraph as being “a perennial Fashion Week standout”, so there was clearly a lot on offer here.


It’s the second release under creative director Sean Lehnhardt-Moore, this time revolving around ideas of coming “full circle, as we crave experiences that take us back to nature; personal journeys of discovery that take us off the beaten track.” As in everything they do, Belstaff are striving for a unique and adventurous angle, but one that also has motifs of history and tradition embedded within it; inventiveness with echoes of antiquity. 


Belstaff have remained loyal to their British heritage, and their LFWM display is no exception. Still, for fashion to remain current and relevant, it needs to evolve with the times.


While Belstaff was primarily known for its leathers and bike jackets, today they’re branching out into clothes and accessories that can be worn for “a busy modern life; work, leisure, travel; day to evening”, which will help sustain the brand in contemporary times. They’re now that little more accessible post LFWM, with a broader range of fine clothes to offer for all occasions. Things will only grow further from here.


Their aim was to produce a range that isn’t bound by something as orderly and rigid as seasonal shifts. To shape shift from one time of year to the next, the clothes themselves are designed with a heavy leniency toward juxtaposition. There’s stark contrasts not only in aesthetics, but in materials too, with Belstaff detailing “soft linens with the hard hand waxed leathers, the worn in with the new, safari mixed with utility, rugged with polished”, further highlighting the leaps and bounds the range runs through to appeal. There’s style in being somewhat dishevelled these days, giving a grungy and earthy vibe to one’s character. It’s a new aesthetic, but it remains as grounded as ever in their adventurous roots.


Ultimately, Belstaff’s latest showcase was about introducing the new while remaining consistent with the brand identity. It’s the same Belstaff Britain knows and loves, but now it’s leaner, fiercer and more daring. It’s safe option yet bold, pleasing old fans of the brand while bringing new ones into the fold. Things will only grow further from here.