This birch sap serum is said to iron out wrinkles in just TEN MINUTES

SAM | 22nd October 2018


The combination of Nordic birch sap and oxygen infusion technology instantly plumps the skin allowing the creases to rapidly dissipate, it’s makers claim.


Deep-Line Elixir is also said to take 10 years off a face by reducing frown, laughter and mouth-to-nose lines.


Advanced orders have already topped 5,000.


It’s makers aIso claim independent trials discovered skin was 117 per cent more moisturised for up to 12 hours after application.


The serum is also claimed to be effective for around 17 hours in normal conditions.


Deep-Line Elixir uses a combination of pure oxygen patented OX2 Pro technology which they say infuses oxygen into the skin, together with birch sap to work naturally with the skins metabolism.


It makers also claim the natural antioxidants and anti-skin pollution properties enhance cellular energy and plump the skin, dramatically reducing wrinkle depth and size.


Skin moisturisation is also improved by reducing TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) which supports its ability to retain water and increases ‘skin mechanics’.


Instant Effects founder Richard Mears said: ‘‘Like all great discoveries it came by way of error as I actually thought of the concept when designing a cleanser.


‘’When I tested the mixture on the back of my hand, I was staggered by the after-feel and wrinkle eradication.


‘’With so many broken promises in the beauty industry I wanted to launch a product that had been independently clinically proven to work as a natural alternative to injectables’.


‘’This took over five years to develop and is set to become the only beauty product which can officially claim comparable results to cosmetic procedures.”


The use of birch sap is unique due to the fact it can only be harvested in the spring, with one tree producing up to 50 litres of sap.


Birch trees pump the sap – the majority of which is collected for drinking – from the roots where it is stored the previous summer, into the buds in time for spring.


The bioactive fluid contains vitamins and other biologically active substances.


It also has three sugars, fructose, glucose and sucrose, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, iron, fruit acids and vitamin C which work collectively to repair the skin and increase collagen production.


In cosmetic applications, birch sap rejuvenates the skin; as for example fructose is known as an important source of energy for cellular processes.


It also protects the cells from oxidative stress, due to fruit acids and vitamin C, including UV rays and environmental pollution.