Caspa the llama sets a new Guinness World Record at DogFest

Jayna Patel | 16th June 2015

Caspa the Llama smaller

A brand new Guinness World Record has been set at DogFest  today, as Caspa the Llama set a world record for ‘High Jumping by a Llama’.

With an adjudicator on hand to officiate the event, crowds watched in awe and cheered Caspa along as he achieved his record by jumping an impressive 1.13 metres high. To jump over a metre high is quite a feat for a llama. Speaking of the new Guinness World Record, Caspa’s owner, Sue Williams said:  “We are so proud of Caspa and are delighted that he has set a new Guinness World Record at DogFest. We’ve had such fun at Arley Hall today; Caspa is a real show off, so it has been the perfect place for him to achieve this record and perform in front of such a big crowd”.

Caspa the LLama jumping smaller

Living at the Canine Centre in North Wales, Caspa and his team, ‘Black Rock Llamas’, have spent hours watching the dogs doing agility. It soon became obvious to owners Derek and Sue Williams that they wanted to join in the fun. Black Rock Llamas proved so good at show jumping that they went on to have their own display team – the first and only llama agility display team in the UK!

The team performed at DogFest today, where they wowed the crowds with their unique display. The next stop for DogFest is at Loseley Park, Surrey, where the event will take place next Sunday 21st June.

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