Cath Tyldesley Models Girl Power at Hervia Manchester’s Ipanema with Starck Showcase

Izak Hannard | 30th April 2018

Coronation Street’s Cath Tyldesley and stylist Martine Alexander stopped by Hervia Manchester to showcase this summer’s Ipanema with Starck unisex footwear. The event last Thursday saw an evening of networking and a celebration of empowerment by fashion.

The pair showed off the Ipanema X Starck footwear at Manchester clothing store Hervia. Though designer of the footwear Starck could not make it to the event, Catherine and Martine had fun answering questions. They even gave a fun demonstration of which items of clothing by Hervia could best fit the style of footwear.

Brazilian footwear brand, Ipanema teamed up with renowned designer, Philippe Starck, for the third instalment of their ongoing collaboration.

The 2018 collection launched in the UK last month. It features a fresh take on past models and introduces new ergonomics to reconcile optimized comfort. It also expresses high elegance through six chic, cultured and minimal designs. This includes three new shapes and new colours. In addition, two unisex models are available up to a men’s US size 13. The pricing of the footwear ranges from £35-£46 and are uniquely designed for greater comfort.

“Starck created his collection with a bionic approach, learning from the body, from its movement, to how it works, to design objects in harmony with human nature.”

Photos from the event:

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Cath Tyldesley Martine Alexander Hervia Manchester SS18 Showcase Ipanema StarckJoanna Jarjue, The Apprentice 2017 FinalistCath Tyldesley and Martine Alexander

The event saw bloggers, businesspeople, lovers of fashion, local stars and more come together for the showcase. Dynamics and spirits were high in anticipation for the SS18 designer footwear reveal, which celebrates unisex clothing. Businesswoman Joanna Jarjue, finalist of 2017’s The Apprentice, was also seen at the event as well as other bloggers with a keen eye for fashion. The Fashion Network also appeared and attended the showcase.

The event included creative canapes of small cones of red pepper puree with smoked salmon and caviar. The delicious treat was washed down with professionally made cocktails to bring an exotic South American flavour.

Martine said, “I think clashing prints are about to become a really big trend as well as clashing colours”.


Cath Tyldesley discussed that clothing should be about feeling confident to be yourself and feel comfortable with your style. Also explaining that her friend and stylist Martine has helped her to achieve confidence through fashion.

Cath described choosing Martine as her stylist after being “given a lot of confidence and encouraged to have fun with fashion by trying new things. When I wear one of her outfits I feel a million dollars.”

Catherine Tyldesley who plays Eva Price will also be exiting the soap this summer after seven years.

Ipanema is a fun and chic Brazilian-made sandal and flip-flop line named after one of the most exotic and famous beaches in the world. Ipanema footwear is created to be the perfect blend of a relaxed seaside lifestyle with the sophistication of city glamour.

Sold in nearly 100 countries worldwide, Ipanema’s designs reflect the brand’s laid-back Brazilian roots while using innovative materials and staying connected to current fashion trends.

The sandals are an empowering symbol that the fashion industry is opening up the possibilities for international unisex clothing. Moreover, as well as emerging designs by combining worldwide cultures together to create unique pieces of comfortable clothing.

You can view and purchase the range here: 

The PR and Marketing campaign was managed by SOWN Agency, in partnership with Ipanema UK.