Celebrate Christmas with these Alcoholic Beverages!

Adam McManus | 29th November 2017

Manchester is renowned for its clubbing, cocktails, and forever partying in the big beautiful city. That is why this Christmas you’ll want to be buying the best festive alcohol for presents, family get togethers or even just for yourself. That is why VIVA is bringing you some of the best alcoholic beverages and mixers to choose from, so you can have the best Christmas ever!

Here at VIVA, we can promise you that these many drinks to choose from will go down like a treat.

Loch Lomond
Get into the Christmassy spirit with Loch Lomond’s natural wonder whiskey. The distillery has been producing some of the finest whiskey since 1814, and are even offering small whiskey gift sets, for those who were looking for stocking fillers.

Credit: Loch Lomond

Black Bull
Why not try Duncan Taylor’s scotch whisky from Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Perfect for those who need something on the rocks, with a lovely taste. Black Bull come in different sizes and ages. They are also very decently priced with the range to choose from.

Credit: Black Bull

Il Gusto
A brilliant Christmas gift, Il Gusto have some beautiful carved Christmas bottles to get you into the spirit. Offering personalized gifts, Il Gusto have a range to offer you, if you’re stuck this Christmas. Amaretto, Liqueurs, Vodka, they have never looked so pretty in bottles before.

Credit: Il Gusto

Credit Il Gusto


















Four Roses
Four unique Bourbon recipes are used in this refreshing Bourbon. Rich, spicy flavors, along with fruity and aromatic hints, you will definitely want to be sipping this down on Christmas day. Perfect for the Bourbon drinker in your family. Also Available at Marks & Spencers.

Credit: Four Roses

Greene King
Old Mullen Hen, Rocking Rudolph… these are the ideal Christmas beers, with festive names to prove it. The Old Mullen Hen has a rich clove, cinnamon and nutmeg flavor. The Rocking Rudolph, a Christmas cask ale is enriched with blackcurrant and redcurrant flavors. Needing something more Christmassy with sweeter tastes this year, then Greene King have you sorted.

Credit: Greene King

Credit: Grenne King





















It’s time to start creating some sweet tasting cocktails with Brontë’s liqueur. A fruity combination of blackberries, sloes and hints of jasmine, you will be satisfied this Christmas. Invite the family round and get them jealous of your cocktail skills. Even add the smaller bottles for a stocking filler if you’re stuck this Christmas.

Credit: Bronte

Conker Spirit
The Conker cold brew coffee liqueur has a dark and fruity taste. Perfect for coffee drinkers in this cold weather. Add a bit of boldness to your coffee and get you awake and alert this Christmas. It’s time to darken your glass and toast to the arrival of Christmas this year with this quality-based coffee liqueur.

Credit: Conker Spirit

Crystal Head Vodka
It’s time for the ultimate wow factor, with this skull faced bottle of vodka. Christmas has arrived and it’s time to celebrate. Offered in different sizes, this huge head of vodka will sit nicely on your shelf with all your decorations up. The splendorous spirit is available in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Credit: Crystal Skull Head

How about thinking about what you are going to start mixing with all these spirits. These smixers are alternative to our sugary mixers we normally find in the club. All natural, only fruits and botanicals are used in these delicious mixers. Specifically, designed for rum, gin and whiskey, you will be downing these spirits in no times thanks to Sekforde mixers.

Credit: Sekforde

Credit: Sekforde

Credit: Sekforde


Old Tom Gin
Gin Lovers! This one’s for you. Brought to you by Gin Lane 1751 The dry, delicious gin used to be drank by Winston Chruchill himself. There’s no wonder with how great tasting the gin is and perfect for a range of classic cocktails.

Credit: Gin Lane 1751

Republica Rum
The rich tasting rum is aged 5 years in bourbon casks, to give you that spark and edge. A naturally sweet taste and strong smell. The enchanting rum, is non-chilled and great for mixing to make even greater tasting cocktails. Brought to you by Elements Eight.

Credit: Elements Eight

Bruno Paillard Champagne
The family owned champagne is perfect to bringing home to your family this Christmas. Pop open this bottle of Brut where grapes have been selected from 12 different villages to be mixed together to bring you that satisfying taste. Why not try out the Rosè champagne version available in selective stores. Brought to you by Etui Première Cuvèe.

Credit: Etui Premiere Cuvee

Mionetto Prosecco
Add a Christmas sparkle with a bottle of prosecco. Made in the heart of the prosecco region in Italy, the sparkling wine will entrance you. Simply pop it open and serve into a champagne flute to quench the thirst on Christmas eve waiting around for Christmas.

Credit: Mionetto

Time for a winter Cognac with this long build up for Christmas. Perfect to serve on these wintry chilly days as we enter December. Serve this at your party and please all your guests with this intense golden amber. Everyone loves a chilled drink to quench the thirst, so try putting the Cognac in the freezer for a while before serving.

Credit: Frapin

A sustainable and natural alcoholic beverage from Pure Wild spirits. With wild, enticing, and strong flavors, its perfect for those unforgettable Christmas family get togethers. The must have spirit, is currently available in top bars as well as online.

Credit: Freya

Tesco – Espresso Martini
Tesco are offering a wide range of alcohol products. Decently priced and worth buying, Tesco is renowned for being a family supermarket bringing families together. Try out their Espresso Martini this Christmas and go crazy with the family.

Credit: Tesco

Cockburn’s Port
Port is perfect to serve for family get togethers, especially after a Christmas meal to wash down the food with. At a good price, the port has been hailed as one of the most iconic Ports of all time. It’s time to get family and friends round. Available at Tesco, Waitrose and Morrisons.

Credit: Cockburns

Meantime Chocolate Porter
Undeniably one of the most appropriate beers to celebrate Christmas with this year. Brewed using four roasted melts, you can enjoy Christmas relaxed by the fire with a great tasting hint of mocha to the brilliant beer. Offered as a case.

Credit: Meantime

Cracker Drinks
How about trying out these drinks by Cracker. Perfect for using in cocktails for that sweeter taste to help them go down like a treat. Serve them over Christmas for those adults who enjoy softer tasting drinks but also perfect for dry January. The sweet tasting drinks come in cartons and are ready made cocktails for those cocktail lovers out there.

Credit: Cracker


Credit: Cracker

Ombra Di Pantera
There’s nothing like a bottle of fizz over Christmas. Going out this Christmas eve, or hosting your own formal party, then you will be wanting to serve your guests and opening your doors with the beautiful tasting brand of prosecco. Crafted with the finest of Glera grapes, there will be smiles all around this year.

Credit: Ombra Di Pantera

Smith & Sinclair

How about something different this Christmas to try out with your alcoholic beverages? These sugary, edible, alcoholic cocktail pastilles, are the adult snacks we’ve been waiting for. A new and unique way to enjoy your cocktails. They come in different flavours so you are able to enjoy them with a variety of drinks. An ideal gift this Christmas.

Credit: Smith&Sinclair


Credit: Smith&Sinclair