CHESHIRE: Altrincham’s fave food spot The Con Club is spreading smiles throughout the region

Christie Hutchinson | 22nd March 2020

Altrincham’s The Con Club continues to spread positive messages throughout the town and to passers by.


Instead of walking past one of the town’s most loved spots and seeing the lights off and empty tables and chairs, the team behind the scenes are determined to keeps smiles alive having published a series of uplifting messages such as ‘you got this’, ‘we are all in this together’, and ‘have courage and be kind’ to show the true tenacity and unity of the city and its suburbs. 



After the Government’s decision to close bars, restaurants and other social and leisure facilities on Friday night, many operators were left devastated by the news, but the heart and spirit of Manchester and its surrounding areas refuse to stop providing company values to their loyal customers. 


David Vanderhook, owner and founder of The Con Club said , “We always write nice notes on the butcher boards in the restaurant and thought it would be good fun to send our messages to everyone and not just those who are used to seeing them in The Con Club.


“Now, more than ever, it’s important that we pull together and keep spirits up. If this helps people, then we’re happy too!  The reception to the notion has been nothing but positive and we’re hoping to see many others follow the trend.”




The Con Club and its staff continue to deliver a service with a smile, the only difference is, it’s straight to your door.


Take a look at their special delivery menu here, including customer favourites, fresh sushi, sashimi and of course, a Sunday roast. This service will continue for as long as possible and until the doors are ready to open again.All you have to do is call them on 0161 696 6870 to order.


We will remain a city united! We are Manchester. 

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