CHESHIRE: Discover a taste of the Amalfi Coast in Prestbury’s most popular restaurant The Coast

Jessica Ward | 20th September 2019

Set in the picturesque village of Prestbury this Cheshire hot-spot is a local favourite. Using only the finest ingredients, the chefs at The Coast create the best of both authentic and modern Italian cuisine in a glamorous contemporary setting.


The Coast has the perfect atmosphere for intimate meals, family parties, corporate events or to simply enjoy imaginative cocktails, wines and beers in their vibrant bar and lounge.


Known as one of the most expensive places in Cheshire, with more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else in Cheshire, Prestbury certainly has a strong reputation.


Since moving to Prestbury myself a few months ago, I have to say that for me this Cheshire village has been incredibly welcoming. I have never experienced such a strong sense of community than I have within the people of Prestbury.



As a new local to the area, we simply had to pay The Coast a visit and find out what the local food scene had to offer.


We visited The Coast on a weeknight, although when we arrived, it felt as though we had walked into a busy Saturday night service. There was not one empty table in the restaurant and the atmosphere was buzzing. From couples enjoying a midweek dinner and drinks to families and friends sharing stories around the table, there was a real mix of people and it was so lovely to see.


The smell coming from the kitchen was that of fresh seafood and rich tomato-based sauces, with a hint of freshly made bread. The aroma was incredible and had our stomachs rumbling within moments.


As we were shown to our table a nice friendly waiter introduced himself and handed us our menus. We were lucky enough to be introduced to the Director Blair, who had spent the evening making his way around every table, making sure all the diners had everything they needed and helping to serve up all the delicious food. He explained to us what made The Coast so special to him, and the high quality food they strive to achieve with every dish that comes out of their bustling kitchen.



To start, we went for the POLPETTE SPEZIATE which consisted of spicy nduja sausage & minced beef meatballs, tomato sauce, parmesan & grilled garlic ciabatta and the FORMAGGIO DI CAPRA POMODORO BRUSCHETTA a grilled ciabatta which is freshly made on site with spinach, tomatoes, goats cheese & balsamic. We also ordered the goats cheese flatbread to share.


Our starters were incredible. The freshness of the ingredients really shone through. The food is simple but cooked so perfectly with a delicate balance of flavours. The meatballs were so tender and the rich tomato based sauce really added another depth to the flavour. The goats cheese flatbread was beautiful. The dough is freshly made to order, which makes such a difference in the texture and taste.



For the main event I opted for the COZZE ALLA MARINARA which consists of rope grown mussels in white wine, garlic parsley cream with fries & garlic ciabatta. This dish absolutely blew me away. The mussels tasted so fresh, it was as if they had been picked out of the sea that very same day. Whilst enjoying my main course I felt as though I had been transported into the med, something that for me, is quite a feat. The sauce balanced the taste of the mussels perfectly and the freshly baked ciabatta combined with the fries helped to soak up the excess sauce.


The portion sizes were very generous, if one thing is for sure, you will not leave The Coast hungry!


By the time we had finished our mains we had extremely full bellies, but for the sake of all our VIVA readers, we opted for dessert. We tried out the chocolate brownie and lemon curd tart, both homemade on site. The brownie was full of gooey melt in the mouth goodness, whilst the lemon tart provided a refreshing citrus kick encased in a perfectly light pastry.



VIVA Verdict: Overall our experience at The Coast by far surpassed our expectations. There is a reason why The Coast is a busy and vibrant restaurant, no matter what day of the week you choose to dine with them. For a fully immersive dining experience you simply MUST pay The Coast a visit. You can thank us later!