Countries Around the Globe That Offer a Unique Fortune Telling Experience

Paige Tucker | 15th December 2017

Going on a trip abroad can be very exciting. You get to experience the unique culture of the country you are visiting, see the popular attractions, eat their delicious cuisine, and shop for products that you cannot find in your own native land and even dabble in some fortune telling.

For those who believe in fortune telling, or would like to see if their fortune can indeed be predicted by a fellow human being, going to a fortune teller is certainly one fun activity to add to your checklist when you travel abroad. Quite interestingly, there are so many ways a person can foretell the future. Read along and learn the various fortune telling experiences these countries have to offer.

Face Reading in China

In China, people believe that one’s face is an open book, showing one’s life history and future. When visiting this country, you can have every feature on your face analyzed and used to tell what lies ahead in your life. This ancient practice has been in existence since the reign of the Yellow Emperor from 2697 to 2598 BC.

Hong Kong’s Kau Cim

One of the oldest known methods of fortune telling can be experienced in Hong Kong and it involves the sound of rattling bamboo. Kau cim, a popular practice at the Wong Tai Sin Temple, originated from China. This form of fortune telling includes a bamboo bucket that is filled with flat bamboo sticks that have numbers inscribed on them. The bucket is shaken until one bamboo stick falls out. This is then interpreted using ancient poetry books and traditional meanings.

Gypsy Tarot Reading in Romania

Tarot reading abounds almost all over the world – including online, where sites that house psychic readers like TheCircle offer genuine tarot reading, which is done remotely through chat or video call. Now, if you want to experience a tarot reading from a local gypsy, then make sure to add this to your itinerary when you go to Romania. Gypsy tarot reading makes use of a spread of cards ornamented with symbolic images and has been part of this country’s culture for several centuries.

Palm Reading in Greece

Palmistry is also one type of fortune telling method that you can experience anywhere in the world as well as online. The art and practice of palm reading date back to ancient Greece, where it is believed that every line seen on the palms and fingers is related to a specific Greek god and that the way the lines are formed tells one’s past and destiny.

Going to a fortune teller can be a truly enjoyable experience, whether you believe in this practice or not. It is one way to gain insights from another person and gain a clearer perspective as to which path you need to take right now so you can achieve the future that you want. Beyond the practice itself, it is a great way to connect to another person in a foreign country and better understand their culture and beliefs.