#Cracked: VIVA finds a phone repair service you can trust

Tara O'Connell | 7th February 2018


We’ve all been there, that frightening moment you drop your phone on its face and hastily check to see if the screen has smashed…

It’s an annoyance to fix – repairs can be costly and it’s hard to know where offers the best service. Corporate giants charge extortionate fees, and dodgy corner shops often leave your phone never working the same again.

So where is the best place to go?

After in depth research we came across iSmash.

iSmash specializes in offering an express repair service for smartphones, tablets and computers. They also offer mobile accessories and refurbished devices.

The team are said to offer an express repair service powered by ‘iSmash accredited technicians’, on-site at each of their shops plus all screen repairs are backed by a lifetime warranty.

‘’At iSmash, we understand that when you experience mishaps with your personal devices, you need a professional and convenient solution that gets up back up and running as quickly as possible, and with the least hassle. Whether you need an iPhone screen repair or something fixed on your Macbook – we’re here for you.’’

Sounds good right?

I took an old phone into iSmash to see if they really could deliver the goods and I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.

As I walked into the Manchester Arndale branch, I was met with a modern and transparent store. Behind the reception lay the technicians working space, all completely visible to customers.

The technician area was like an immaculate scientist lab – their patience and concentration was impressive. Being able to see into their work space offered a comfort, you know there’s nothing suspicious going on with your devices.

The receptionist was extremely knowledgeable and kept me in a fun conversation whilst the phone was looked at. I enquired about prices and was informed that prices are competitive and far cheaper that the corporate giants. Find a price for your device here.

I then asked the technicians about their craft and they were endlessly forthcoming with any information.

Overall it’s refreshing that there’s finally somewhere on the high street that offers a reliable service – and genuinely cares about customers property.

iSmash are currently growing all over the UK, locate your nearest branch here.