Crazy Pedro’s Introduce The K.F.C

Abi White | 26th March 2017

Tucked away under Affleck’s palace in the Northern Quarter, Manchester’s maddest ‘part-time pizza parlour’, Crazy Pedro’s is host to some of the craziest pizza toppings imaginable. From chips, gravy, spring rolls and poppadoms being amongst some of their wackiest toppings, Crazy Pedro’s invited VIVA Magazine to sample their latest edition to the menu.


Every month, Crazy Pedro’s launch their monthly special, this time it being the turn of the K.F.C. And no, it’s probably not what you think…


The Korean Fried Chicken pizza, better known as the K.F.C was launched earlier this month, and is loaded with sriracha soaked fried chicken tenders, red onions and red chillies, spring onions and kimchi slaw- enough to tantalize the taste buds at the thought of it.


Korean fried chicken also differs from your typical American fried chicken, as the chicken is fried twice- resulting in a much thinner and crispier coating. As with all their pizza’s, the dough is freshly made in house and is topped with their special pizza sauce and mozzarella. Combining hot chilli sriracha sauce from Thailand with Korean speciality kimichi slaw and a generous sprinkling of red chillies, this pizza certainly turns the heat up and is perfect if you’re into your fiery food.


And what more could you want to wash it down with, than one of the parlour’s selection of cocktails? As the home to Manchester’s largest Mezcal and Tequila selection, the smoke-infused Cactus Collins cocktail works perfectly with the pizzas.


But not to worry if you aren’t into your spice, the pizza parlour also offers a selection of wacky pizzas that will equally excite your taste buds…


The Curry Mile pizza is topped with chicken tikka, onion bhaji, poppadoms and mint yoghurt to cool the spices, and there are also impressive vegetarian options available…


The Summer B vegetarian pizza is simple with it’s toppings (wild mushrooms, blue cheese and truffle oil), yet bursting with flavour, while the Nacho Libre is loaded with tortilla chips, chilli sauce, American cheese, guacamole, jalapeno and sour cream.


All of the pizza’s can be bought by the slice for £3, or by the pizza (16”) for £15.