Creams Cafe’s Insatiable New Menu

Paige Tucker | 24th July 2017


Stop what you are doing and head over to Creams cafe in Manchester city center! They have brought out a new and exciting menu with the most amazing tasting desserts and you NEED to try them!

Their brand new bubble pop waffles are the stars of the menu, featuring a huge bubbly waffle wrapped around into a cone shape and filled to the brim with ice cream, whipped cream, a sauce of your choice and various toppings. This is a monster of a desert and it is not for the faint hearted, you could either try and tackle this massive dessert by yourself or get a friend to help you dig in as there is plenty for two.

A classic favorite of mine on their menu was the warm cookie dough with ice cream, I had to order one of these to see if it lived up to standard and my god it did. Again, this is a huge dessert and one that tastes divine.

The cookie dough is warm, gooey and full of melted chocolate and toffee sauce. Then the ice cream, severed in a separate pot was so good I nearly forgot to eat the cookie dough! This again was priced super low for the amount you get, at only £5.25 for the entire thing (which could easily feed two).

They also have a range of normal waffles, pancakes, ice cream and hot desserts you can choose from or if you want you can make your own dessert and add all the flavours you love. They are all super affordable yet have tonnes of flavour.

So if you fancy some delicious desserts but you don’t want to spend a fortune then this is the place to go!

It’s city center location also makes it the perfect place to go after your meal to get dessert. So go and check it out and I promise you will not be disappointed!

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