Try out these DELICIOUS recipes for your left over chocolate Easter eggs

Megan Green | 2nd April 2018

Chocolates @ Bohemia | Bohemia PR

Has Easter left you with dozens of chocolate eggs that’ll just get shoved in the kitchen cupboard? Bohemia’s head pastry chef has some delicious, but simple, recipes for you to try, to bring out your inner chef.

Do you always seem to find that you’ve suffered from a chocolate overload after Easter? Well, luckily for us, Bohemia, Jersey, have provided us with their top tips on what to do with our left over chocolate – be warned, these are not for the calorie-shy.

First up…

Rocky Road

This is an easy no bake recipe, perfect for the kids to get involved…

  • Ellen De Jager and Steve Smith | Bohemia PR

    Mix melted leftover chocolate with mini marshmallows, digestive biscuits, dried fruit or mini chocolate eggs

  • Place in the fridge to set for 3 hours
  • Once set, dust with icing sugar


Chocolate Croissants

Calling all chocoholics!…

  • Make or buy ready made croissant dough
  • Stuff with leftover Creme or Caramel eggs
  • Once baked, enjoy your warm, incredible, croissants oozing with chocolate


Chocolate Bananas

For the people who are counting the calories, you can enjoy these little treats with a few less sins…

  • Cover a sliced banana in melted chocolate
  • Put in the fridge to set
  • Enjoy