Delicious Laksha Bay Curries Packed With Healing Herbs For Better Digestion And More Energy

Tereza Pevna | 5th May 2015


For thousands of years, humankind has been infatuated with the power of herbs, using them as scents, flavourings, medicines and health boosters. Today, Wapping based Indian restaurant Laksha Bay is continuing the age old tradition and packing its meals full of aromatic fresh herbs and spices. As well as achieving exceptional flavour and authenticity, it also means that every bite is packed full of proven health benefits.

In the Laksha Bay kitchen chefs work with a cornucopia of fragrant herbs and spices that are incorporated into every dish. For diners in search of an energy boost recipes containing coriander are a godsend. The herb is a known source of carboxylic acid which binds to heavy metals such as mercury and transports them out the bloodstream. This reverses the build-up of toxins that trigger chronic fatigue, depression and joint pain. Find it in dishes such as Chicken Momo and Kakra Roll.

As well as tasting wonderfully fresh mint is also a miracle herb for curing stomach cramps. The presence of menthol relaxes painful intestinal spasms and has been known to reduce pain by up to 40%. Get an Indian inspired mint fix in dishes such as Fish Tikka Harialy. The fusion of coriander, garlic, ginger, fresh mint and mustard seeds is the perfect accompaniment to the premium quality Scottish salmon.

As one of the most ancient medicines known to man, ginger is packed full of health benefits. It’s known for aiding digestion, curing nausea and relieving inflammation, and is also a known cure for coughs and soothing sore throats. The Laksha Bay chefs love ginger for its zesty taste and healing properties, using it as a key ingredient in dishes such as Chicken or Lamb Katmundu. The semidry dish is prepared with ground spices, onion, green peppers, fresh herbs, shredded ginger and crisp red naga chilli for a full on flavour hit.

When it comes to curry, Laksha Bay is celebrated as one of London’s best eateries. As well as serving up mouth-watering authentic Indian creations, the restaurant’s curry poweder also offer diners a wealth of health benefits. Curcumin not only adds an earthy, slightly bitter flavour to the dishes but it also halts the production of prostaglandin E2, a known inflammatory that can over-sensitise the nerves. This is hugely effective in relieving muscle pain caused by ailments such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

As a key garnish and curry paste ingredient for a host of Laksha Bay recipes, basil adds flavour and wellbeing benefits to the restaurant’s menu. Eugenol and rosmarinic acid actively boost the brain’s production of dopamine and serotonin which can get moods soaring in just days. Who needs chocolate?

To find out more about Laksha Bay and browse the huge selection of authentic Indian dishes featuring fresh herbs and spices, visit the website at: call 020 7481 0777 to speak to a member of staff.



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