Design tips for Spring 2018

Paige Tucker | 27th February 2018

Spring is nearing, finally! And we can’t wait for the sun to peek its head around the clouds for once. We’ve listed a few easy design tips to help you re-create a fresh spring home. From bringing brightness into your home with the colour yellow, to clearing out your shed to create a nice chill-out area, you’ll enjoy learning these top tips.



Your garden has most likely been slightly forgotten about this winter, and that’s nothing to be ashamed about because nobody wants to spend time out in the garden when it’s freezing outside. Here are some tips to refresh your homes garden.

Updating your shed

Clear Perspex sheets from Simply Plastics are perfect for upgrading your shed or greenhouse windows. A simple upgrade like this can make a world of difference to your garden. It’s also worth noting that Perspex sheets offer more safety than glass from breaking, especially if you have little kids.

Turning your shed into a cosy hang-out space

Another tip for your shed is to completely re-design the interior. Chuck out all the clutter that gets stored away for cobwebs and dust to collect on. We all do it – throwing our bits and bobs in the shed so it’s out of sight, so why not clear it out ready for spring?

You can then paint the inside with nice light colours to open the space up and hang mirrors, pictures and bunting for decoration. You can also bring out large cushions, blankets and even bean bags for seating. Your friends and family will be incredibly jealous that you took the time to transform your shed into a cosy space.



Now that the rainy days are over, why not revamp your interiors to match the weather? Try out these easy and simple ways to add a fresh feel to your home.


Although it’s often seen as a risky colour, yellow can prove to create a positive yet calming vibe to any space when used right. By adding punches of pale yellow around a room from a couple of yellow pillows to painting an entire wall yellow, you can put as much or as little effort into brightening up your home with this colour as you want to.



These mini-worlds inside a glass terrarium are stunning and bring a little bit of the outside in. You can buy terrariums ready-made or design them yourself. You can also create enclosed terrariums that eventually sustain their own eco-system. This means you don’t have to even water the plants if it strives alone, that is.

Show us your transformations

Comment us your homes spring transformations with images too. We’d love to see how your spring designs went, whether they failed or succeeded. Even if they didn’t work out exactly as you’d planned, at least you can learn for your next DIY design.

Enjoy refreshing your home this spring and we hope this article has helped you cultivate ideas!