Don’t Let Her Down launches just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Tara O'Connell | 30th January 2018

Don’t Let Her Down launches just in time for Valentine’s Day!

A new study has found that an astonishing two out of three people receive gifts that they do not like – but are too polite to say. Can you imagine the amount of disappointment and wasted money this has led to?

An innovative new website has been created to ensure you never miss the mark again – thanks to entrepreneurs, Amy Pandazis and Laura Stockton.

Don’t Let Her Down is a bespoke concept in online gifting that gives users the opportunity to view items curated especially for their intended recipient based on data insight.

Men seeking help with gift purchases for their loved ones can sign up to the site and following a simple registration process, will receive tailored suggestions based on their personal profile – then all they have to do is click and buy.

You’re life has just been made 100x easier this Valentine’s Day! 

The service supports its customers by offering timely prompts ahead of special occasions and carefully considered gifting suggestions.

The entrepreneurs explained how “We know that husbands and boyfriends want to get gifting right for their partners and often resort to reaching out to friends, sisters and mums of their partner for suggestions. That’s where comes in. We are the virtual family and friends – we have curated the gifts that we know ladies will love with the support of leading brands and retailers.”

Sounds brilliant, right?! Click here to go to the website.