Dr. Vik Talks Celebrities, Botox And How To Choose The Right Clinic…

Tereza Pevna | 10th September 2015


The age of people enquiring about botox is getting lower every year. The population no longer believes that celebrities such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna have their perfect skin as a result of healthy diet and regular exercise. They know very well that most celebrities can thank botox for their wrinkle-free faces.

“The reason they look younger and younger is they know more about botox. If you watch ITVBe, every show is a sales pitch of some kind of cosmetic work. Young people watch ITVBe and Real Housewives of Cheshire and they get the idea about having work, thinking they want to be something better than before.” says Dr. Vik, director of the Dermaskin clinic in Spinningfields.

While most celebrities undergo only a small facelift – which might be hardly noticeable – there are still some who take the botox trend a step too far.


Last October, British actress Renee Zellweger shocked the public when she stepped out at the  ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards with amazingly different face. “She’s just gone a bit overboard. I think she’s trusting too many doctors, so she’s gone from one doctor to another one and another one.” says Dr. Vik explaining that the American market is different from the UK one although not by too much. “The procedures in the UK are not completely the same as the American market where you can basically go from one doctor to another doctor and they will just take your money. In the UK it’s a bit better, unfortunately we are moving towards the American style, where you will go to whoever will give you the best deal.”

With the number of celebrties getting botox and a sizeable proportion of the population   wanting to be just like them, it’s not surprising that the demand for botox is rapidly increasing. Although what may sound surprising is the fact that, despite having more women than men on their client list, the majority of people visiting Dermaskin for botox treatments are men. The reason is because Manchester has got the highest population of working men in the UK.

If you are thinking about having botox and not sure what clinic to decide upon, Dr. Vik has got some simple advice for you: “It’s hard to determine as it’s easy to make a clinic look good online. You just need to go and look at each clinic and see if you like it. If it’s in someone’s garage you probably shouldn’t go there. If you find a clinic where you like and trust the doctor and you’ve heard a few good reviews then it should be fine. I would advise that for our business you should buy atarax online and look for word of mouth recommendations rather than any sort of online advertising.”


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