Dress to impress during your workouts

Lauren Bones | 16th June 2017

So, it’s been a while since New Year now, your resolution to completely change your life and get fit with chiseled abs and a bubble butt most likely went out of the window when the McDonalds monopoly came around. However, it’s almost time to start getting out those bikinis and getting back on track to get that summer body! One thing that motivates me the most to work out is buying new gym clothing, I love having new, flattering leggings and tops to look funky & fresh when I’m working out but it’s important to know where to get the best quality clothing (especially clothing that’s not see through… no one wants to see your g-string when you’re squatting!) So here our some of our favourites…



@laurenbones via Instagram wearing the Gymshark Flex leggings.

A little about the company:

Established in 2012 by 25 year old Ben Francis and a group of his school friends, Gymshark is a fitness clothing and accessories brand, creating high-quality and durable products in the United Kingdom, supported by a huge social media following, worn by celebrities and loved by customers in over 180 countries.

Gymshark caters for both men & women with their ranges of gym leggings, shorts, tops, hoodies and fitness accessories.

VIVA’s favourite product:


The seamless leggings & Flex leggings! They’re so flattering, completely squat proof and make those glutes pop! They brand new seamless leggings even have special contour lines to make your bum look bigger; its magic.

Visit Gymshark HERE.


A little about the company:

DW Sports is a fitness business and retailing company founded in 2009 by Dave Whelan. The company sells both a sports clothing service, stocking big brands such as Nike, Puma and Reebok as well as having many gyms all across the UK.

VIVA’s favourite product:
We love the fact DW stocks the big brands and has a huge range of sizes and selection of products. We love the Reebok sports bras, they’re really bright and colourful and super supportive, especially for the ladies with the bigger boobies!

Visit DW Sport HERE.

Lifestyle shot featuring the Boudavida Swagger Tee.


A little about the company:

Boudavida is an amazing newly launched active-wear company. The initial line is made up of 12 items that bring function
and fashion together, enabling women to feel confident and comfortable in the gym. Their products are simple and high quality, light weight and fashionable. Bouvida also donate 5% of every purchase back to women sport.

VIVA’s favourite product:

The jazzy leggings by Boudavida are flawless. They have mesh cutouts that sit behind your knees for a breathable fit which is fantastic for cardio. The Plucky Vest and Swagger Tee are two completely different designs of tops, both of which are made from a similar material which feels amazing on your body – its soft, completely sweat proof and doesn’t stick to you when you’re working out.

Visit Boudavida HERE.


Proskins Zigzag Crop Top & Full Print Leggings


A little about the company:

Proskins are a british company, founded in Nottingham in 2005. Their mission is to empower their customers to create their own fitness story and to ensure people feel good, look good and perform at their best when their working out. Their clothing is light weight, form fitting and their patterns are funky and eyecatching.

VIVA’s favourite products:
Proskins have recently launched a
range called ‘Zig Zag’ which
includes pair of full length leggings and a croptop. The patterns are amazing and the feel of the products is so high
quality and feels like you’re barely wearing them! The leggings are a tiny bit see through when squatting so we’d recommend wearing them for more cardio based or upper body focused work outs. The crop top however is really supportive, flattering and completely sweat proof.

Visit Proskins HERE.