Eight airport hacks for savvy travellers

SAM | 29th October 2018


New figures reveal that more people are booking multiple destination holidays than ever before, which suggests that travellers are spending more time in the airport.


And the airport experience itself can be stressful one especially for those that aren’t used to flying frequently.


Here’s eight handy hacks to help you maximise your time while travelling through any airport – from secret baggage scales to bumping up to business class!


 The stealth weigh-in

If you’ve arrived at the airport and worried that your luggage may be slightly over the limit, don’t wait until you reach the check-in desk, or pay for the scales! Nip over to an unmanned check-in desk – the scales are always switched on, and you’ll have a few extra minutes to redistribute your weight.


Fake or fragile?

Pick up some “fragile” labels and stick them all over your suitcase. Not only will airport staff be reminded to take care of your case, but fragile cases are likely to be unloaded first, meaning you can collect your luggage and be on your way.


Boost your juice

If your phone’s battery is depleting, head to lost and found, and see if they’ve got one to match your phone type. More often than not, they’ll have a huge box filled with phone chargers which have been sat there for well over the requisite ninety days.


Extend your capabilities

Charging your phone is one thing, but what about your Kindle and tablet? Bringing a multi-plug extension lead to the airport can save you running around trying to find a dual socket. This hack can also make traveller adapters go further once you reach your destination.


Business Class bravado

Given the limited number of seats, the business class check-in queue is significantly shorter. Give your friendliest smile to the attendant and see if they’re not too busy to check you in. In addition to this, if you’re travelling alone and have the patience to wait to be the last on the flight, you’ll get a choice of empty seats, some of which might be in first or business class! Again, a friendly smile and polite manner will truly help here.


Get comfy on your clothes

Sometimes, the wait between your first and second connection might be a long one, so save on checking into a hotel and pack an empty pillowcase. If you need to rest your head, fill it with your clothes and get your forty winks.


Plastic packs or clever cinematic experience?

Aside from transporting your liquid through security, sandwich bags have a clever second use. Pop your smartphone or tablet into one, and hang it over the back of your seat tray to watch a film hands free!


Can’t make your connection?

The feeling of arriving at the airport ten minutes after your connection has left the runway is pretty daunting. When flights are booked separately, the journey isn’t covered by package protection. You can claim for the delayed flight, but not the replacement of your connection. Booking through Kiwi.com provides peace of mind, as their Kiwi.com Guarantee means that if you miss your connecting flight due to delays outside of your control, they will source another route for you, at no cost.