Fashion Forensics Open Their Shop Doors

kiri | 17th June 2015



In celebration of our friends at Fashion Forensics launching their new shop we had a chat with the designer of the exclusive jewellery range they are selling.

Durrah from Durrah Jewellery:

  1. What made you want to start your own jewellery collection?

During my Tiffany & Co. era I used to feel that our silver offerings were too readily available and that the fine jewellery available were not within reach for the majority of people.  It was at this point that I saw a need to create pieces that have a signature luxury feel at accessible prices.


At the same time I also felt that I had a lot of creative direction that needed an outlet and with this I took the plunge and the rest is history.

  1. The brand is obviously named after you was that any easy decision?

Making the decision to call the brand after myself was a no brainer when I realised how appropriate it was.  Durrah translates to “precious, pearl” in Arabic and fit the nature of the brand perfectly,  it was meant to be.

  1. Out of all the amazing pieces which is your favorite and why?

My favourite piece is still the Chain necklace.  This is the piece that encapsulates how I felt when I launched the brand.  It was a piece that represented the liberation of my creativity and at that time I was debuting the brand to the world and therefore it will always have a special place in my heart representing the freedom I now have as a designer for my own brand.


  1. I know several famous faces have been seen wearing your Jewellery but who would you love to see wearing a piece from the collection?

That is very easy – Beyonce!

  1. What’s the dream for the brand?

The dream for the brand is for every fashionista to have the pleasure of wearing our pieces and to build their own wardrobe of Durrah Jewellery that adds texture to their outfit and to their day.  A smile is what I aim to bring to our followers.

  1. The design process is obviously long and a labour of love how do you find inspiration

Inspiration comes at the most odd of times and from the most unusual situations.  For me an idea enters my mind and I almost think its been in incubation in my mind as a result of collected thoughts, emotions and images.  I am also aware that my pieces have to be wearable therefore these ideas have to be translated into jewellery pieces.  My love of travel actually gives me the most inspiration.


  1.   Jimmy Choo is your mentor tell me how having a fashion legend over seeing your progress has helped.

Jimmy Choo’s journey was an incredible one and I think that having come from the same country as him gave me an innate desire to succeed.  I learnt a lot from Jimmy, especially when it comes to the business side of the brand.  There are subliminal messages that brands exude that consumers take for granted which is almost a science.  He taught me that it is always important to always be relevant and to be remembered for the right reasons.  Above all knowing that he believed in me and my products gave me the boost I needed to soar.

8.And whats next for you I know LA is keeping you busy

I have always wanted to teach my passion, for now that’s all I am saying so watch this space.