A first timer’s guide to cruise holidays

SAM | 3rd October 2018


Going on a cruise for the first time is an exciting unknown in terms of holiday expectations, but fear not as this guide will tell you everything you need to know, from how much money to take through to what to pack.


To really get the most from your time at sea, follow these steps and then it’s just a case of standing on the top deck, waving enthusiastically and enjoying the cries of bon voyage!


Choose the right ship



This might sound like nothing more than common sense, but with every cruise liner being so different from the next, you need to do your research. It all comes down to the types of activities that you might want to take part in whilst cruising, so be really honest with yourself about how you want to spend your days. Everything can be catered for, from golf to watersports and some really thrilling alternatives that will shock you and get the adrenaline pumping.


Be sure about your cabin



Would you like a cabin with a view? Are you planning to spend a fair amount of time in your room? Do you have accessibility requirements? All of these questions can really impact the type of cabin you choose, so don’t simply plump for the first style you come across. After all, don’t you deserve to at least consider a cabin with a private balcony?


Check what is included



Now this is a critical point. While cruises are famed for being all-inclusive luxury getaways where the real world doesn’t matter for a few days or weeks, in reality, there could still be extra costs. Things such as gratuities, meals outside of the main dining rooms and onshore excursions are often extra and could see you red-faced if you haven’t brought enough spending cash with you. Always look into potential hidden costs and as a good rule of thumb, whatever you think you will need, cash-wise, take half again, just to be sure. You don’t have to spend it all!


Pack for all weather conditions



Of course, you’re hoping for nothing but blue skies and beaming sunshine during your cruise, but try to remember that as the nights draw in on the high seas, things can get a little chilly and adapt your packing list accordingly. A few layers will be a prudent inclusion in your suitcase, as will a light and waterproof jacket, just in case the unthinkable happens. Also, be sure to bring plenty of sun protection, as sunstroke has never improved a holiday and high factor creams are likely to be quite expensive onboard your liner.


Enjoy yourself!



Finally, you can enjoy your cruise, knowing that you’re completely prepared. Try to take advantage of all the activities on your ship and sample as many different cuisines as you can. Really focus on creating some memories that will tide you over until your next trip at sea, because once you’ve enjoyed one cruise, you’ll find it impossible to resist planning the next.