Five Guys: 15 Toppings Challenge!

Paige Tucker | 16th March 2017

A new Five Guys chain has opened in the Manchester Arndale for shoppers looking to tuck into upscale fast-food with amazing flavours and fresh ingredients.

As a Five Guys newbie I decided to give it a try. I wandered in, a bit confused at first as to where the menu was or what I should order, luckily for me a lovely woman called Mo who worked there helped me out and I got my hands on a menu.

Noticing that they had free toppings, I decided that the best way to try the famous five Guys burgers for the first time was with every single one of their 15 free toppings.

Thinking I was crazy, Mo typed in my order and within minutes my food was ready.

The monster of a burger I received was every burger lover’s dream come true.

15 topping burger from Five Guys

With all 15 toppings trying to spill out as I picked up the burger, I knew this was a meal I would never forget.
I went in for my first bite, squishing the burger so I could lock my jaws around it’s tantalising taste.

The vinegary hint of pickled gherkins hit me first, then the taste of the large burger patties encased within the soft bread invited itself.
Next the BBQ, mayonnaise hot sauce and ketchup all combined together created a sauce like nothing I had ever had before and the taste party started in my mouth.

Time seemed to stop for a short second as I lost myself in the magnificent flavour of the 15 toppings burger. I started to think about how everything in this burger should have tasted so wrong but somehow the miracle workers at Five Guys made this mad combination blend beautifully together to create a burger masterpiece.

The sauces demolished any dryness that two larger burger patties can cause and the fresh lettuce, peppers and onions neutralised any hint of a bitter taste.

The only thing this burger was missing was the cheese. That blissfully melted goodness that would have tied together the entire burger but sent me over the edge and into a deep and long food coma. But, hey I guess I saved myself the unnecessary calories!


So that was my first experience of Five Guys.

If you too want to do the Five Guys challenge then go for it! But make sure to share your burger pictures to our Twitter with the hashtag #Viva15Challenge or send us your 15 topping burger snaps to and we will share them on our Facebook and Instagram.

So go on I dare you, take the Five Guys 15 topping challenge and taste a burger like no other!