Fly Away To Autumn Bliss With Cloud 23’s New Menu

Paige Tucker | 19th August 2017

This autumn, Cloud 23 are introducing their brand new taste experience- Bubbles & Berries. From 1st September- 12th November you can experience Autumn the way it was meant to be, full of delicious drinks, food and amazing views.

There are three different types of Autumnal meals you choose from and all will be held in the Zeus room which is currently decorated to the nines in Autumn fashion.

The first one is the Bubbles & Berries afternoon tea, which features dishes such as; Ham and redcurrant croque monsieur, a caviar blini with pomegranate pearls and the traditional scones with jam and clotted cream. This a little twist on an iconic favourite and will be sure not to disappoint afternoon tea lovers.

The next option is their 5-course cocktail progression menu, which takes you on a delicious journey full of fresh flavours and sweet cocktails. I got the chance to experience this menu and I must say it is delicious. The cocktails served throughout the progression are absolutely scrumptious and the food gives you a little taste of heaven.

You will start off with a fruity cocktail consisting of Jouet Brut, vodka, blackberry, lemon and apple. Served with a fresh fig, stuffed with brie and wrapped in smoked pancetta. It then moves onto a tantalising crab dish before ending the savoury section with divine slices of beef which are cooked to perfection.

Next, we were served two dessert dishes. The dessert dishes are always the ones I look forward to the most and this menu has my favourite dessert of all time, a brownie. But before the brownie comes out you will be able to cleanse your savoury palate with the most refreshing dish I have ever had! It was a bit of a mix between an ice cream and a foam but the flavour was wonderful and is definitely something I would go back for. I honestly wish I had more of this, however, if I had, I probably would have ruined the chocolate brownie served after. 

So as you may have guessed, the final dessert was my absolute favourite simply because it was a brownie. It was full of chocolatey goodness, albeit a little dry for my liking. But it was served with black forest accompaniments and paired with another fruity cocktail to give it that extra punch, so it is fair to say this won me over.

All the dishes from this menu are tapas style and so it is more for those wanting a lighter lunch or for people wanting to try a little bit of something new and refreshing, rather than a sit-down meal which will leave you feeling stuffed.

The final Bubbles & Berries menu is the Aperitivo which is again filled with delicious cocktails and some savoury bites, such as beef carpaccio with balsamic onions, pistachio crumb on a sourdough crisp and the King prawn and wasabi seaweed waffle cone with micro cress and pickled ginger. Again this menu is a lighter more snack-like menu and is perfect if you’re having a nice catch up with a friend or partner.


Bubbles & Berries is available from 1 September -12 November and is hosted in the Zeus lounge – with food menus available throughout Cloud 23.

Bubbles & Berries Afternoon Tea – £35
Bubbles & Berries Five-Course Cocktail Progression – £55
Bubbles & Berries Aperitivo – £16


For more information and where to book head over to the Cloud 23 website

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