Four of the Best Golfing Spots Around Manchester

Paige Tucker | 24th August 2017

While possibly not world renowned for its stellar golf courses, Manchester and the areas around it have a few hidden gems in the way of picturesque and challenging greens. Before summer ends we’d recommend taking advantage of a sun-kissed weekend, donning your best golf t-shirt and some comfy slacks and venturing into one of Lancashire’s many golfing spots.

Can’t think of any golf clubs in your local area? Don’t worry about it. We’re going to do all your research for you so all you should worry about is what outfit to wear when you get there – no one ones to be the butt of the jokes at the club!

The Manchester Golf Club
Full Membership: £1185
Postcode: M24 6QP

Probably the most prestigious club in Manchester, this private members’ club is a bit more on the pricey side on this list – but you get what you pay for. Founded in 1882, it is also the oldest inclusion on this list. The club spans a whopping 240-some acres with 6650 yards of course to play in and some simply stellar views to take in as you make your way around the place.

While it certainly isn’t cheap to opt for a membership, the club regularly announces deals for cheaper one-day games so anyone can get their chance of playing on this truly stunning course.

Whitefield Golf Club
A Round:
Postcode: M45 7EZ

Designed by Tom Renouf, Whitefield is the course for you if you’re fond of the par-3’s. While not the longest course on this list, it can certainly be said to be one of the most attractive.

This club also lend themselves out to games of Footgolf on weekends! For those of you not in-the-know, footgolf is a fairly new sporting trend that blends football and golf – kicking a ball halfway across the field into the tee. Worth a punt if you’re in the mood to mix it up a bit!

Pike Fold Golf Club
Full Membership:

With a history dating back to as early as 1909, Pike Fold certainly has a bit of pedigree about it. The course is especially relaxed about memberships, so you can grab yourself some time on the green without one for as little as £20 all year round – no matter the day.

Take in this 71-par course stocked with additional facilities including a driving range and an area to work on your short game. The course is a bit more exposed than most, so if you’re up for a wrestle with winds then this is the green for you – everyone loves a challenge don’t they!

Worsley Golf Club
Full Membership:
M30 8AP

Surrounded by picturesque parks, you would be forgiven if you mistook this for Lancashire’s answer to the garden of Eden. The club was founded in 1894, but went through a huge redesign in the 1930’s by the one and only James Braid – this course is a scene of fairways that roll on for days and gorgeous trees that span the green. The groundsmen do a fantastic job to make sure the green is always in tip-top shape.

The course is a par 71 and presents a challenge to even the most seasoned golfer – don’t let the relaxed setting fool you!