From Manchester to Manhattan: The Pen and Pencil’s New Menu

Abi White | 2nd May 2017

Taking inspiration from the infamous mid-20th Century bar on East 45th Street in New York’s ‘Steak Row’, which was popular with newspaper journalists and ad men – the original ‘Mad Men’, restaurant and bar, The Pen and Pencil, invited VIVA over for lunch to celebrate their recently revamped menu…


Home to ‘Brunch, Lunch, Dinner and Cocktails,’ The Pen and Pencil, situated on the corner of Hilton Street and Tariff Street, opened almost two years ago- boasting 1950’s Manhattan décor and a cleverly designed layout. With original features still left in the building, the wooden floors and brick walls juxtapose with the modern features- making for a trendy hangout in the Northern Quarter.


Launching their latest menu, Brunch has become a fundamental part of the menu. New additions include N’duja Baked Eggs, two poached eggs baked in a n’duja and pepper ragu topped with feta and served with sourdough… and there’s also the Brisket Benedict, with sourdough, beer braised brisket, pickled onion and carrot, and poached eggs topped with miso glaze.


After 12pm, you can also find new additions to the menu- including Beetroot salad, alongside the usual favourites of the Philly Steak Sandwich, caraway rye, pink strips of rum, Montery Jack cheese, onion jam and rocket served with fries.


Halloumi Burger with extra Avocado

We opted for the classic burgers- choosing to sample both a meat and vegetarian option. The Memphis Rubbed Chicken Burger was extremely generous- resulting in a towering burger of buttermilk fried chicken strips. Extra toppings were also available- and the cheese and bacon make an excellent addition that compliments this burger.


We also opted for the Halloumi burger, which included almond pesto, rocket and tomato. Extra toppings could also be added to this burger, including the unique Avocado salsa, which worked fantastically alongside the saltiness of the Halloumi.


Lady Lazarus Cocktails Served in Champagne Flutes

To wash it all down, we each indulged in a Lady Lazarus cocktail, consisting of Aylesbury Duck Vodka, passion fruit, lemon, peach and champagne. Although it appeared slightly under whelming served in a champagne flute, the cocktail was small but mighty. The instant hit of champagne could be noticed, with notes of the fruit that followed shortly after the first sip.
However, if you aren’t into your cocktails, the new menu also introduces new smoothies , including Salted Caramel, with toasted hazelnut, date and soya; Welcome to Americana, with peanut butter, soya, maple syrup, chilli and banana and the Another Bloody Avocado Smoothie, which includes tomato juice, brown sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, Tabasco and avocado.



Open seven days a week, The Pen & Pencil’s new lunch menu is served from 10am–9pm Monday to Thursday, 10am-8pm Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.