Get A Hollywood Smile With Luster Pro Light

Tereza Pevna | 22nd July 2015

10175919I have recently got my hands on Luster Pro Light, an accelerated method of fast teeth whitening whose face is Made in Chelsea girl Binky Felstead. As I have never whitened  my teeth before I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

First of all I had to install the batteries, find my current tooth shade based on enclosed shade guide (shade between 1 and 21)  followed by brushing and flossing my teeth (as I normally would anyway).

Then I had to follow a 3-simple steps:

1. Pretreat my teeth with Whitening Solution and leave for 30 seconds to take the effect.

2. Brush my teeth with with Activator Whitening Gel and then again leave the gel for 30 seconds to dry.

3. Apply the Dual- Action Whitening Light, which was the part when I held the machine in from of my teeth.

I have repeated the process 10 times on Saturday and the same amount on Sunday as I opted for the weekend schedule (2 days, 10 treatments each day). If you are a busy been you can opt for weekday schedule (5 days, 4 treatments a day) or a full week treatment (7 days, 2-3 treatments a day).

I was so happy to see some results after Day 1 and couldn’t believe how much whiter were my teeth on Day 2. My teeth went the whole 8 shades lighter!

What I really liked about Luster Pro Light was the fact that although my teeth are usually very sensitive I didn’t get any sensitivity while I was using it.

What I didn’t like that much was the fact that the process was quite time consuming, but that being said, I got faster already after 3 rounds.

The Luster Pro Light is available from Boots  (£49.99)  and (£49)