Get more done with these 5 garden landscaping hacks

VIVA Team | 18th December 2016

The curb appeal of your home is heavily influenced by the garden design that you have. A well-maintained garden makes the curb appeal strong and adds to the value of the house. However, it may sound easy but maintaining a garden is a fairly difficult task.


Most of the time, homeowners leave their garden after caring for it for about a month at max. A very few dedicated individuals care for their garden regularly. These hacks will make your gardening and landscaping very easy and quick so that your garden gets in a good shape and improves your home’s curb appeal.


1. Easy Way to Kill Weeds


Unattractive weeds can grow around your garden and you want to get rid of them immediately. They can randomly pop up in the driveway or patio if there are cracks on the surface. However, you can opt for a DIY and an all-natural remedy to get rid of these weeds instead of calling a landscape company to chemically destroy them. Weeds can be killed instantly by dumping a potful of boiling water on them.


2. Use Tarp for Transportation


A tarp is a very handy tool to have in your garden landscaping projects. It can easily transport lightweight debris like leaves, soil and small rocks. Tarps are also very useful to cover and protect the plants if there is any work going on in the garden or to protect from bad weather like a thunderstorm. Investing in a good quality tarp will make your gardening life a lot easier but don’t leave the tarp on for too long as it might damage the grass.


Get more done with these 5 garden landscaping hacks


3. Using Plastic Pot for Seasonal Plants


This is a very easy and useful hack when it comes to getting good seasonal plants. Use small plastic pots with drainage holes and drop them in the soil. Now you can easily put seasonal plants into the pot and change them up with equal ease when they lose their touch or the season changes. It is more like a temporary plant hack but it is very effective and creative.


4. Starter Fertilizer


Whenever you decide to do garden makeover and get new plantings, make sure you use starter fertilizers. They are very efficient in boosting the growth of these new plants. The plants get their required minerals from these fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorus and fungi. Ensure a healthy and quick growth of the plantation with the use of starter fertilizers.


5. Use Cardboard to Flatten an Area

If you want an area in your garden to be flattened so that you can utilize that area for another thing, you don’t have to dig out the grass but use cardboard sheets over the surface. Cardboard sheets will block the sunlight on that particular area. Put on multiple cardboard sheets on it and dump some mulch over it as well along with some water to ensure that it stays compact. The grass underneath the cardboard will die and the soil will take over the cardboard sheet which will prepare the area for you to use for anything you like.