Gig Of The Year: Courteeners At Heaton Park

Tereza Pevna | 8th June 2015

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Amelia Ryder reports:

Saturday, coming down from a musical high, Manchester is still smiling from the night before. A giant crowd buzzed as The Courteeners played their biggest gig to date.Heaton Park has previously been graced by legends such as The Stone Roses and Oasis, gigs still reminisced over today. Following in the footsteps of such greats, some might say The Courteeners had a big job on their hands.The four-piece from Middleton were supported by three bands with the talent and potential to reach the heights of the headliners. The Blossoms, Bipolar Sunshine and Peace set the stage and got the crowd pumped with three brilliant sets.The Courteeners took to the stage, impressive and confident stage presence in tow. As the sun went down, the crowd got lost in the impressive set. The scene was as perfect as Fray’s lyrics, the tightness of the band was impeccable.

The band were as hyped as the crowd as Fray confessed, “We’ve waited 10 years for this”. The frontman is undeniably cool, but portrays a genuine gratefulness towards the fans for what they’ve helped the band achieve. The 20,000 strong crowd frenzied for mega hits such as ‘Are You In Love With A Notion?’ and ‘Not Nineteen Forever’. Shortly before leaving the stage, Fray humbly thanked the fans for their support over the years.

At a venue previously graced by greats, The Courteeners well and truly delivered. They proved a concrete worthiness of the monumental success they’ve achieved to date.

Leaving Manchester’s biggest park among a massive crowd of hyped up music lovers, it was impossible not to feel happy to have witnessed the bands biggest show to date. The Courteeners did themselves and Manchester proud.

Photo credit: Elspeth Mary Moore

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