Glo Beauty launch anti-pollutant serum for your skin protection

Megan Green | 10th May 2018

glo Beauty | PR Image

Glo Beauty have launched an all new daytime environmental and anti-pollutant Vitamin C serum, called Daily Power C.

Pollution levels are a cause for concern in regions and cities around the world, with Manchester having one of the largest pollution levels.

Product manufacturers have recognised this problem and have created formulas that will target this increasing consumer demand.

Pollution levels in UK cities have shockingly exceeded those of Beijing, with 50% of air pollution coming from road transport and 40% coming from diesel, which exceeds the air pollution limits that have been set by the World Health Organisation.

glo Beauty | PR Image

In the report, recently released by the BBC, it was revealed that of over 40 towns and cities in the UK that have exceeded the air pollution limit, London and Manchester are included.

Skincare specialists, glo Beauty, have been observing the trend for anti-pollutant products for more than a decade, but it was only between 2011-2013 that it gained momentum.

In a bid to prevent damage to your skin from this pollution, glo Beauty have formed their Daily Power C serum.

The innovative formula is packed with over 15% Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum and Oxidised Glutathione, as well as a new plant stem cell ingredient, named City stem.

This anti-pollutant repairs and strengthens the skins natural barrier to counteract against pollution attacks on the skin.

Using a few drops every morning will give your skin the daily protection it needs.

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