”Growth And Protection” Key In Firm’s Local Mental Health Charity Sponsorship

Tereza Pevna | 10th June 2015

pr charity Beacon

A mental health charity with offices in Bramhall (Moss Lane) and Stockport (Greek Street), is benefiting from the fundraising efforts of a team from a Manchester Northern Quarter accountancy firm, who are helping to raise record levels of donations and whose goal chimes closely with its own philosophy.

In the latest round of its sponsorship of Beacon Counselling, the full team of Tree Accountancy represented the charity at the 2015 Stockport Beer and Cider Festival, helping to raise an impressive £4,300, one of the largest fundraising donations ever received by the charity.

As well as persuading visitors to put money in their collection buckets, the Tree team helped to staff the busy bar and to sell programmes at the Edgeley Park event, for which Beacon was the nominated charity.

Tree’s work at the festival, which also included T-shirt sponsorship, is the latest stage in its year-long support for Beacon.  Other fundraising initiatives undertaken to date include regular lunchtime staff fundraising events.

Said Tree’s senior partner, Nik Hynes:  “Tree’s philosophy is all about the protection and growth of organisations’ assets.  One of the reasons that we selected Beacon as our 2015 charity, was that it helps adults and children not only to deal with challenges they are facing now, but to obtain the necessary skills to enable them to get more out of life in the future.  So ultimately, they too are all about protection and growth.”

Added James Harper, general manager of Beacon:  “Beacon works with around 1,500 adults and children every year, and does not charge for most of its services.  Consequently, we are heavily reliant on the support of organisations like Tree who want to help people in the local community.

“We were especially touched that every single member of Tree’s team turned out to help represent us at the festival, giving up their own time and energy.”

Tree is an award winning firm of accountants which, alongside traditional accountancy services, offers specialist advice to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses, by providing metric to benchmark businesses and facilitate planning for future challenges.  Tree also provides an outsourced finance team, offering services ranging from book keeping to financial direction.