Guest On The Radar: Jenny Powell

Tereza Pevna | 10th March 2016

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Manchester’s Boutique Hotels


I have an apartment in New York and, when I’m back in the UK, I really miss the intoxicating atmosphere of the NYC eateries and bars to hang out in. So I am LOVING the new and not-so-new Boutique Hotels with fancy bars and restaurants that remind me of New York. Gotham is stately and imposing, so is Manhattan and now there’s The King Street Townhouse. If Manchester keeps opening these kind of places, I’ll have no reason to fly across the Atlantic every month!

Dog Ownership

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I have never really had a pet before, maybe the odd gerbil (or maybe not so odd!) and that’s about it but, at long last, I have a DOG and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and the family! She’s a rescue dog, only a year old and she’s filled the gap I only just realised I had. Get a dog! They’re therapeutic, reliable, dependable and fill your house with love!

Your Fourties


Being in your forties is so very HOT! I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin and relaxed about life at long bloody last. It’s an age to look forward to as you’re guaranteed to have cut out all the crap in your life and also you’ve learned from experience how to avoid any coming your way! Your forties can mean looking and feeling more amazing than ever, so love that decade and make it your best .


Real Cheshire Housewives


Real Cheshire Housewives – really? Sorry but I live in Cheshire and have done for twenty-five years, and there’s not much ‘real’ for me in that show. I only watched one episode and most of the time I hid behind a cushion in horror. Good telly I know but I kind of feel we have all been tarred with the same brush now. No offence to the wonderful ladies in it but it’s like a tacky panto with a very generous costume budget.

Social Media overload

What’s the first thing most of us do the minute we wake up? I used to prefer thinking about my day ahead and taking a bit of time to wake up and smell the coffee. Now, it’s straight on the phone, checking what other people are feeling and doing before I’ve even considered yours truly. I’m fed up of it so I think we all owe it to ourselves to have a weekend off every now and then. I guarantee you’ll feel happier, more chilled and ready to go get that dog! Social Media can make us depressed and there’s clinical evidence to support that!

Not reading the labels on your food packaging

There’s a lot of crap out there and only we can be responsible for what we eat. Once you start reading what’s actually in some of that fodder you buy in supermarkets, you realise how easy it is to not eat any REAL food at all! It’s no good relying on what’s put out there on the shelves, start with sugar content and salt content, that will scare you enough. Not being informed of what you’re putting into your body is just not cool. Get on the real food radar!