Hairtrade’s Tips For Long-Lasting Wedding Beauty

Emma Jane Barlow | 23rd June 2015


From moisturising before applying perfume to using less conditioner than usual, the beauty experts at share their long lasting wedding beauty tips. 


We all know that summer is wedding season, so now is the perfect time to prepare yourself so that you can make the most of the event. Whether it’s your big day or you’re attending as a guest, are sharing the ways to keep your make-up, hair, and outfit intact for the whole day and avoid any mid-event disasters.


Beauty expert Laura Meredith from said: “A common mistake people make is using the wrong types of product on the day, meaning that hair and make-up don’t stay put. It’s not necessarily about changing your whole routine; sometimes a simple adjustment can make all the difference.”


Here are Laura’s top tips for long lasting wedding day beauty.

Don’t forget the primer

To keep your make-up intact for the full day, priming is a must. Use an all-over primer to keep your base looking fresh and apply some eye shadow primer before starting your eye make-up for minimal upkeep.

Avoid washing your hair on the day

Freshly washed hair doesn’t keep its style as well as second day hair, so make use of some dry shampoo and avoid washing your hair on the day to ensure your hairstyle is long lasting.

Cut back on the conditioner

Just like washing your hair on the day, using too much conditioner is a big no for long lasting hairstyles. Use less than usual to ensure your hair is in the best condition for styling.

Use lip-liner or a matte lipstick

Follow Kylie Jenner’s example and don’t forget to use lip-liner before applying your lipstick to keep the colour strong for as long as possible. Choosing a matte lipstick over a high shine finish is also the key to long lasting lip colour, so you’re not spending the day worrying about upkeep.

Choose shoes wisely

If heels are your style, choosing a smaller height, slight platform, or wedge heel are all better choices for long lasting comfort. If you can’t resist the highest heels on offer, keep an extra pair on standby to avoid shoeless dancing later on.

Strapless dress? Go for one with rubber in the seam

To avoid having to awkwardly adjust your strapless dress, search for one with a thin strip of rubber in the seam. This helps the dress stay up on its own and eliminates the need for tape or pins.

Choose a simple hairstyle

While it may be tempting to go for a fancy up-do or huge curls, keeping it simple with hair makes for less stressful upkeep. Avoiding hairstyles which rely too much on staying up is essential here if you’d prefer to be dancing rather than pinning your hair back into place by the evening.

Moisturise your skin before applying perfume

To keep your perfume lasting all day, be sure to moisturise first. Perfume doesn’t last as long on dry skin and spritzing immediately after allows the perfume to blend with the moisturiser. If you’re still worried, invest in a small perfume bottle and decant your fragrance for easy top ups throughout the day.