How to build a stylish work wear wardrobe on a budget

Paige Tucker | 4th December 2017


Invest in a few key pieces

One way to make your work wardrobe feel fuller is to invest in a few key items. These can be cheaper but stylish clothes and shoes such as Uppersole’s shoes which fit great and look super stylish or if you are into designer brands you invest in a couple of key items that will last beyond the fashion trends. It is best to buy things that go with a number of different outfit choices, however, a statement piece or two is never a bad thing! After buying these 5 or 6 items you will soon realise that you can make so many different work outfits that look completely different to one another.


Pick your colours wisely 

Make sure you pick items that are either colour co-ordinated or shades that will match with everything. Great colours to pick are black, white, red and blue, these colours work with pretty much everything and you can pick the shade that most suits you. Black trousers, shoes and skirts are also a given. Every colour goes with black, so you can repeatedly wear these throughout the year and they will match perfectly with any of your wild statement pieces! Another wardrobe staple you will need for work is a white shirt. The best idea is to try and keep it simple in style so that you can pair it with any bottoms or accessories that you want.

Shop second-hand

Another great idea is to try your luck at some charity shops. These are great because you can pick up bargain clothes that look expensive and stylish and you can walk away knowing you have helped a worthy cause too! A lot of charity shops also sell designer labels for huge discount prices, so if you love a label this could be a great alternative way to make a cheap designer work wardrobe.


Try clothes swapping

A great way to build a stylish work-wear wardrobe on a budget is to swap and share clothes. If you have a friend who is a similar size in clothes to you then why not propose a clothes swap solution. You can then both go to work wearing a new outfit that didn’t cost a penny. It is also a great excuse to get together with your friends and catch up regularly!

Swap online
There is a variety of websites now where you can pay a monthly cost to a company and in return, you will be able to shop on their website and order clothes you would like to wear. You are then sent these clothes and after a month you simply return the items you were sent and pick out a whole new set of clothes from their website again. This is a fantastic way to save money whilst finding items that you really love and want in your wardrobe permanently! it’s lots of fun because you get to do monthly shopping and try on items you would never have otherwise.