How to keep your hair healthy while enjoying the summer sun

Web Team | 20th June 2019

When enjoying the sun, it is important to remember the effects that it could be having on your hair. It is fragile much like the skin and should be cared for in a similar way. There are a number of amazing remedies on the market to help you do just that.


Avoid warm showers


One way you can care for your hair is to avoid taking scolding hot showers as this can affect your hair at the root. Though this may seem lovely on a warm day, you could be affecting the health of your hair at the follicle, causing it to become brittle or even fall out. Though this is not the cause of hair loss for many, there is always cosmetic surgeries such as a Turkey hair transplant, should you find yourself experiencing hair loss that is far more severe. In order to prevent this, it is important to make small steps to look after your hair before such a procedure as it is required to keep it healthy and help to prevent the acceleration of the hair loss.


Embrace deep conditioning


One of the best things you can do for your hair during the summer months is to adopt a deep conditioning method. With a number of outstanding hair masks on the market, you can rejuvenate the hair and reduce the drying effects that the suns rays will have on the hair. By using this once a week alongside your normal hair care regime, you can nourish your hair and ensure it is protected regardless of the weather conditions.


Use UV protection spray


Much the same as you would use UV protection for your skin, it is important to use UV protection for your hair to protect against sun damage. With the drying effect of UV, your hair can be left limp and lifeless if not protected properly. A UV spray is the perfect way to combat this as there are several brands with their own formula to help protect the hair that is available in high street retailers such as Superdrug and Boots.


Avoid bleaching


Although it may seem tempting to go much lighter during the summer months, bleaching your hair can lead to significantly more damage in the long term. Bleaching the hair leads it to dry out and can lead the hair to become brittle and break. This, therefore leads the hair to look limp, lifeless and can lead to the hair becoming more susceptible to sun damage. In order to combat this, avoid drastically changing your hair colour during this time and maybe opt for subtle highlights as this will give you the sun-kissed look without causing a huge amount of damage to the hair.


Wear a hat


Another way to combat the effects of sun damage is to wear a hat every time you step outside. Not only will this help to protect the scalp from sunburn, but it will also help to keep your hair sheltered from the sun, limiting the effects it could have on your hair. This is particularly beneficial if you are spending long periods of time in the sun as this will keep you protected. With a number of styles available from a number of different retailers, finding a hat to suit your outfit of the day should be easier than ever.


Whatever hair products you choose to aid your hair in the summer months, you can be sure that you will have outstanding results that are perfectly suited to your hair type. Which of these will you be using during your next trip?