How to style streetwear this summer

SAM | 31st May 2019

Summer style trends are well upon us and if you’ve not got in on the summer streetwear trend, then where have you been?


Streetwear has been absolutely huge this year, but this adapted summer take has been keeping the trend alive in an alternative way, keeping the themes and basic style in-tact whilst cooling the look down for an airy summery feel.


You might be a little bit confused about how the streetwear look can be translated into a summer style, but don’t worry – we’ve put together our top tips to help show you how it can be done:


What is Streetwear?


First and foremost, it’s important to get to grips with what streetwear is – you’ll feel a bit lost if you don’t understand the basics. Streetwear style’s popularity dates back to the 90s originally, with loose fit and baggy clothing teaming up with sportswear styles for the ultimate casual outerwear vibe.


This look has had a huge resurgence recently with an urban twist added to keep the style relevant in the modern day without looking dated. The stereotypical styling would feature caps, hooded jumpers, crew neck jumpers, and joggers, but if you’re planning on wearing it out you might want to class it up a little with jeans and a nice pair of trainers.


Naturally, streetwear is a great winter style, with the warm jumpers and jackets keeping you cosy and looking fresh, so how do you switch it up and keep the streetwear in the summer without feeling like you’re about to burst into flames?


Keeping Your Fit Cool


This is definitely the most important part of summery men’s streetwear fashion. If you don’t feel comfortable in your fit, what’s the point of it?


What you could do is use those heavy top layers like sports jackets or jumpers and tie them around your waist or shoulders – that’ll give you a layered style that’s on point and versatile for any condition and situation. Pairing jumpers with shorts also gives a really great summer style, but you’ll want to avoid heavy tops and full-length pants together in the hot weather, so if you must wear pants, take a look at a printed t-shirt for a lighter feel.


Sports jackets also go great with a pair of sports – you can even add a cap into this for a weatherproof finish to your outfit.


Loose Fit Does Not Mean Baggy


Although streetwear is stereotypically loose, you’ll want to steer clear of baggy hoodies and joggers in a more formal environment such as around the office – baggy clothing looks sloppy and lazy, as well as being incredibly unflattering.


Loose fit is what you’re aiming for, which is still a slightly baggy fit, but not distinctively oversized like a kid wearing their dad’s shirt. With pants, relaxed fit will serve you well in this case, but overly large track pants might look a little bit too casual to wear as outerwear.


Hopefully these tips have set you on course for a really cool summer men’s streetwear style, helping you to de-bug some of the confusion and showing you how to create this really eclectic look from your own wardrobe.