Indulge in Aero® Heavenly Mousse

Paige Tucker | 4th July 2017

The God’s of the chocolate world- Aero®, have recently launched their new product called Aero® Heavenly mousse and it is amazing!

Encased in a resealable pot this mousse reminds me of an indulgent ice cream but without the annoyance of having to wait for it to melt just to grab a bite. The Aero® heavenly mousse is both smooth, bubbly and textured all at the same time!

It has rich caramel sauce swirled into the mousse and is topped with a sprinkle of chopped nuts to give a little crunch to the otherwise silky texture. If their plain milk chocolate mousse flavour doesn’t interest you though, then you are in luck! They also have a salted caramel version, which like the milk chocolate one has swirls of caramel (salted this time) and is topped with some crunchy nuts (hazelnuts).

Each pot provides three servings so it is great to share, eat throughout the week or if you are feeling cheeky, you could probably eat the entire thing in one sitting (less advisable, but still yummy!)

If you have had a rough week or are a sweet tooth craving a scrumptious new treat, then head over to your local supermarket and pick one up! They are only £1.80 which is a bargain for an entire tub of joy and deliciousness!