INITIO disrupts the perfume industry taking fragrance to the next level

Jessica Ward | 11th April 2019

This week we delved into the world of perfumery, as we headed to Grand Pacific for a lesson of the senses, and of course to get the scoop on INITIO’s latest offering, OUD FOR GREATNESS.



INITIO combines science and emotion to create their unique range of scents. Smells have a strong impact on us, they influence our behaviour, our mood and they activate the emotional part of the brain. That part has been scientifically proven.



Smells determine our social preferences, our social lives and they play a determining role in physical attraction.



INITIO have unlocked the fragrance key that combines subtle scents with the pheromones our natural body secretes, to create a magnetic and sensual scent, different to each individual.



Drawing its perfection and its energy from the sources of sacred geometry, OUD FOR GREATNESS breathes out a force of nature, the wake of greatness. Also called “Black Gold”, OUD is not only renowned for its high price but especially for its countless blessings.



Sacred, mystical and even magical, some refer to it as the scent of Nirvana, others refer to it as the scent of heaven. For all, OUD is a source of happiness and joy.



With top notes of Lavender, Saffron and Nutmeg, and base notes of Patchouli and Musks OUD is an enchanting and thrilling perfume that makes all our dreams of greatness possible.



INITIO OUD FOR GREATNESS is available from Selfridges at £250 for 90ml.