INTERVIEW: Psychic medium Sally Morgan chats with VIVA, ahead of her show at the Palace Theatre.

Francesca Eagleton | 9th April 2017

INTERVIEW: Psychic medium Sally Morgan chats with VIVA, ahead of her show at the Palace Theatre.

Britain’s best-loved psychic, Sally Morgan takes to the road for another record-breaking eighth consecutive year. Her new tour, Call Me Psychic, builds on her more than 45 years of experience as the UK’s most popular touring medium. 

VIVA caught up with Sally ahead of her show at the Palace Theatre tomorrow night (Monday 10th April).


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“I’m looking forward to coming back to Manchester, the audience are always up for it, and I like to feel that my shows are uplifting because every show I think has a message of hope.”

Sally and her psychic abilities made her a household name, when her emotional sell out theatre shows were the subject of Sky Living’s hugely popular television series, Psychic Sally: On The Road.

“Doing the TV series was like being shot out of a cannon, BANG everything just happened at once. But I don’t think people realised that I had 45 years of experience building my craft.”

Sally explains that she had her first psychic experience at the age of four whilst she was at Nursery school, but not everyone agreed with what she was seeing. “I made a lot of people very angry when I was a little girl if I said something that was true, because when I was little you didn’t call it psychic, there was just no such thing.”

It’s hard to believe that the now celebrity psychic and best-selling author once didn’t understand how anyone could make a living out of being a medium.

Now after 9 years of touring, writing several best-selling books – including the latest installment of her amazing life story, Call Me Psychic. It’s no wonder that this straight-talking and bubbly personality will be celebrating her 10th year of touring next year.

“I love being on tour! What a privilege it is meeting all the different people around the country that come out to see me, its very humbling.

“I love the theatre, I love it! I never ever ever thought that I would stand on a stage and be comfortable but I am. It’s completely mad, its mad!”

Expressing how much she’s looking forward to getting back up on the stage at the Palace Theatre, Sally explains how no two shows are ever the same.

“In the 9 years that I’ve been touring there has never been a show that has ever been the same. I get people that come to my shows, 5,6,7 or 8 times and they always say to me that there has never been 2 shows the same. That’s brilliant to me, that’s absolutely what I want to hear.”

But unlike her fans, Sally reassures that if you’re attending one of her shows for the first time, you need to do your homework.

“A lot of people that have never been to one of my shows before are very reluctant to stand up and take a message, you will have to stand up if you think a message is for you.

I also really do feel that you should come with someone as well so that you’ve got that little bit of support.

But one thing’s for certain, if you are attending the show tomorrow night, expect laughter, tears and overall a very good night!

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