Introducing The Luxurious New Tutti Frutti Collection From Roja Parfums

Lucy Harding | 15th May 2015


VIVA were delighted to preview the latest collection from luxury perfumery Roja Parfums, the delectable new Tutti Frutti Collection, at Manchester’s Selfridges Exchange. Featuring three mouth-watering new unisex fragrances, Sweetie, Candy and Fruity, the luxurious perfume collection teases the palate whilst introducing a sense of modernity into one of perfumery’s best-loved ingredients: Aoud.

Inspired by scrumptious patisserie delights, the iconic Aoud scent has been totally redefined for a contemporary and energetic range of youthful fragrances that smell good enough to eat. Sweet, playful and bursting with vitality, the pleasures of the gourmand are infused with the classic accents of Aoud for a truly unique, sophisticated and decadent scent.

Andrew Wright, Global Ambassador for Roja Parfums explained that the inspiration behind the new Tutti Frutti collection was the beautifully vibrant colours and textures of the spring summer fashion collections. Aimed at the young audience, he explained that the fragrances are “totally unisex,” and that “each fragrance brings three different accords, and a new concept to the classic Aoud scent, all with a unique identity.”

Tutti Frutti


Sweetie Aoud


Beautiful top notes of Bergamot and Artemisia, intertwined with a Patisserie Accord, create a fresh foil for a note of cool Rose at the heart of Sweetie, making for a rich, warm and sweet perfume. The warming heart notes of Cedar, Guaiac, Cade, Aoud Wood, Amyris and exotic base notes of Gurjum, Cypriol, Patchouli, Cumin and Cardamom are all nestled on a decadent leathery base of Frankincense, Cistus and Labdanum.

Candy Aoud



The rich, spicy and fruity fragrance of Candy sparkles with top notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit, the juicy heart notes of Banana, Pear, Blackcurrant, Apple and Rose are finished with exotic leathery base of Amyris, Aoud, Cypriol, Cardomom, Saffron and Rhubarb.

Fruity Aoud


Sensual top notes of Bergamot and Artemesia are coupled with Blackcurrant, Rose, Raspberry, Strawberry, Violet and Orange Blossom create a tantalising effect of the senses. The base notes of luxurious sandalwood, Vanilla, Orris and Patchouli envelope a musky, rich and fruity perfume.

The beautiful new Tutti Frutti Collection is now available exclusively at Selfridges, at £395 per 50ml.



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