Jamie Lawson: “The best thing about Manchester? My wife.”

Amelia Crombleholme | 24th May 2018


Jamie Lawson is recalling the moment he was chosen as the first signing for Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Man record label.

“It was great. He could have chosen anyone, he knows loads of people. It was a great honour that he thought my songs were good enough to launch his label.

“So many great things came out of it – my album went to number one in the charts and I won an Ivor Novello award for (his 2015 breakthrough single) “Wasn’t Expecting That”. It’s remarkable to be a part of the whole thing.”

Manchester-based Jamie also went to LA to record his latest album “Happy Accidents”, released in September. But this summer he will be touring with Sheeran across Europe; including four nights at the Ethiad Stadium in May.
Is he a City fan?

“No! I never really got into football – I come from Plymouth and our team were never very good.

“But these shows will be incredible. The stadium holds over 60,000 so I’m really excited.”

It’s a big change from Jamie’s last show in Manchester.

“We played at the Cathedral! That was really cool. But I think my favourite gig was at the (02) Apollo – that was an amazing show.”

Supporting Ed Sheeran is a very different experience – Jamie will be playing at 46 shows. How does he manage it?

“I haven’t found a bad side to it. I’m playing to loads of people, it’s a lot of fun and I get to see Ed Sheeran most nights. His fans are really passionate and they welcome us every night.”

Does he hang out with Ed?

“Sometimes after the show. I always go and say hello to him in his dressing room before his set. Ed’s a really nice guy – he’s a good boss to have!”

Once he finishes the tour in August, Jamie will start working on new music. But he will spend some much-needed time at home first.

“I don’t get home that often, so when I do I like to just stay in the house, visit friends and get on with writing and recording.

“But I might go out and do some things. There’s a really good song writing scene in Manchester, and I go to a lot of open mic nights. I still play at The Whiskey Jar in the Northern Quarter.

“I’m a big fan of vinyl shops. I like Piccadilly Records, Vinyl Exchange and Fopp.”

And what’s the best thing about Manchester?

“Definitely my wife!”

Jamie will support Ed Sheeran at the Ethiad Stadium from 24th-27th May. His new single, “Fall into Me”, is out now.