Juicy Steaks And Sexy Place – Restaurant Bar And Grill’s Terrace Gets A VIVA Grilling

Emma Chadwick | 29th June 2017

I love the Restaurant Bar and Grill’s terrace and always feel a little sorry for the inside bit of one of Manchester’s original cool haunts.

The inside is like the overlooked mate, very pretty in its own right but not a patch on the floozy sexiness of the terrace which wraps around the side and has been given a refurbishment to leave the inside even further out in the cold.

It has wonderful new vivid orange booths, heaters and awnings if the normal Manchester weather hits and a bar bit at the end for cocktails and heavy flirting. Often there’s a supercool DJ giving out chill-out tunes to make this a bit Nicky Beach/Ocean Club without the pool or faint murmuring of the ocean.

The food is always consistent as is the buzz. Consistent in a good way. It’s a spot you can rely on to deliver whatever time of day and weather.

There’s a new menu too and a fancy new Tandoor oven and charcoal grill that served up one of the best and juiciest steaks I’ve had in town. For the flamboyance, ambiance and service the prices are good starting from £5.75 for starters, £11.25 for mains with bottles of fizz from £29.95. But be warned, this terrace can be seductive especially if the weather is good and before you know it a whole afternoon has turned into early evening while you’ve been gassing and slurping.

We kicked off with the Asian sharing platter (£22.75 for two) that came on a pretty cake stand type thing with lots of little treasure to tuck into to. Stand outs were chilli squid and crispy duck pancakes. But really the whole thing was satisfyingly yummy, the kind of thing you can gossip and snack and drink, repeat.

My steak as said earlier was simply fabulous. Juicy, a little charred where you want it to be and melty. One of the best cooked in town and a credit to the new grill/oven.

My mate date, jewellery guru Fatz K, ordered a twice cooked chicken cos she was being nosy and wanted to see what that was like. A jokey request for it to be cooked three times was met with horror as that would dry it out.

When it arrived there was not a peep as she devoured it, enjoying every wonderful cooked mouthful, something never heard of before. They even made her gravy, especially just for her which was over and beyond in service. We shared sides which were wonderful, proper chips, pak choi and greens, fighting over the fries.

Puddings were a step to far after this banquet and the fizz sloshing in our bellies so I can’t comment on those but I’m sure they would be equally delish.

This place is perfect for dates, business or gossipy gatherings and the new menu and refurbish only makes it better than before. There’s lunch and pre-theatre deals available for those on a budged and if you get a Club Individual card, plenty of goodies and discounts to make your Brexit pound go further.

VIVA verdict: A Manchester original made even better. Check it out on their website.

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